Bunny-ify your photos? It’s worth a trip to the Caribbean

Nesquick Bunny-ified Photo by Dave TaylorI’m that guy. I admit it. When people are taking photos of a group of people I’m the guy who slips two fingers behind someone’s head to give them bunny ears. It’s photobombing before, well, photobombing, and it’s astonishingly common in candid photographs.

So when the PR team at Nesquik asked me about helping them promote their contest that could let one of you lucky readers win a free trip for four to the caribbean, well, my first thought was “no! I want to win that one. It’d be great” but then I realized that spreading the word was better karma than hoarding the opportunity. So go ahead and win! You know, win one for the gipper. Or something like that.

The scoop’s pretty easy: grab the “Bunny-ifier” app for your iPhone and either liven up a photo you’ve already taken or take a new pic and add those ubiquitous bunny ears.

You can see my entry, with special guest bunny ears for my son (photo take at Universal Studios, in case you’re curious).

Is this all very silly? Oh heck yeah!

But on the other hand, there’s that trip to the Caribbean to think about…

So please do check it out, bunny-ify your photo and submit it to Nesquik here:

Bunny-ify and Get to the Caribbean!

Contest only runs until Nov 3, 2013, so hop to it!

Disclaimer: Nesquik asked me to promote this but they aren’t offering me any payment, bunny ears, a new iPhone to play with the photo editing app or a guarantee that I’ll be the winner. Just doing it because it’s fun and because I hope you’ll think so too. 🙂

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