Suggestions needed: Hosting a Halloween party for 4th grade!

that's a sick pumpkin!I won’t say I’m totally overwhelmed, but tomorrow at this time I’ll have a dozen rowdy fourth graders ready to party and enjoy Halloween at my place.

It’s all because I not only like to party, but I like to host parties too. I mean, how better to enjoy how my children socialize with their peers and enjoy all those cute kid Halloween costumes without any trick-or-treating being involved?  As long-time readers will know, I actually host lots of parties for my kids, ranging from high schoolers on down. And every single one — knock on wood! — has been fun and no hassle at all.

Except this time we need games and things to do. Older kids can crowd around a TV or just talk, but these young ‘uns, it’s going to go a lot more smoothly if we have some activities, games and even possibly some cooking projects.

I suggested Pin The Brain on the Zombie, but my 9yo K- suggested that might not be a theme that other kids (or their parents!) would appreciate. Which told me that quick games of Murder the Camp Counselor with the Loosest Morals and Duck, Duck, Psycho Killer were completely out. Go figure. 🙂

So, Moms, Dads, teachers, got some suggestions for us before the game becomes Rock Star in a Hotel Room?

My whole family, and possibly the entire neighborhood, thanks you.

5 comments on “Suggestions needed: Hosting a Halloween party for 4th grade!

  1. A couple of suggestions (we just went to 2 Halloween events last night– one was a Safe Halloween party for kids hosted by a local college, and the other a Monster Mash hosted by our school.)

    1) Sensory Experience Freak show. Something that was super successful was putting a bunch of gross things in boxes with a hole cut out and letting the kids guess what it is. Worms, eyeballs, heart, bones. and lots more icky stuff. Spaghetti as worms, frozen peeled grapes as eyeballs, and you can fill in the rest. (A Ham Hock is always nice)

    2) Gross makeup– go find a bunch of stick on scars and paint them on– always good for a laugh or three.

    3) Here’s 21 Gross Recipes from

  2. Perfect time for the classic… “EGG TOSS” – variation… have each kid who enters make his eye into an “EYE” so now, it will be called the “EYE BALL TOSS’… ha, ha! The ayes have it!

  3. Powdered donuts (eyes?) hung from strings across a broomstick. Have 4 kids lineup under a donut and try to eat it without their hands. Not as easy as it sounds.

    Bobbing for apples is always a Fall winner.

    Mummy wrap racing with toilet paper. Teams of 2 compete against each other. Awards can go to both fastest and also most well done.

    And I think your Pin the Brain on the Zombie game sounds brilliant. But I’m 46, so what do I know?!!!

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