A Typical Morning Smoothie, Step by Step

I’ve written about my Ninja blender and I have written about the weight loss program I was on earlier in the year, but while I’ve posted photos on Instagram [follow me on Instagram] of my smoothies, I’ve never explained step by step what I toss into the blender and how it comes out.

So here it is, Dave’s Morning Smoothie Recipe!

I start out with a banana and 1% milk, then throw in some frozen fruits:

breakfast smoothie shake ingredients - fruit

The fruit I buy at the market in bulk: there are lots of good choices for either single fruits like strawberries or blueberries or fruit mixes and this one is a “tropical fruit” mix of strawberries, pineapple, blueberries and mango.

You’ll also notice a protein powder stuck to the walls of the container. I alternate between the Whole Foods brand whey protein (usually chocolate) and the Rainbow Light protein powder, either in vanilla or chocolate. I blame my 17yo for turning me on to these particular brands as she’s the one who has done research to ascertain which are best and have the least fillers or sweeteners. For protein powder I usually use about a half-scoop.

Here’s how it ends up looking pre-blend:

smoothie in the blender cup, pre-blend

From this angle you can see all the ingredients: milk, banana, protein powder and frozen fruits.

I often add a bunch of spinach to the drink since it turns out you can’t taste it, just makes things more healthy, and sometimes will add a tablespoon of peanut butter for some protein, or even a tablespoon or so of granola to give it some crunch.

The cup mixer is a huge win here, and it goes directly on the Ninja blender, as you can see:

ninja ultima blender with cup mixer

I admit, the Ninja blender is kinda noisy, but it does a great job and it’s just a matter of a few seconds to go from the unmixed ingredients to this delicious smoothie, ready to serve:

healthy morning chocolate smoothie ready to serve

Doesn’t that look delicious?

The final touch is to serve it in a glass (though truth be told I often just drink it straight out of the mixing cup). Still, presentation and all that:

serving chocolate smoothie shake breakfast

You can see that the Ninja has blended it to a perfectly smooth consistency. Pretty much anything I toss in, even a handful of ice cubes, produces the same consistency, though the more frozen stuff you add, the thicker the end smoothie, so if you like something you need to eat with a spoon, take my ingredient list and add 5-6 ice cubes before you blend it up.

This recipe, with slight variations, has been my go-to breakfast for many months and while I’ll once in the proverbial blue moon have a bowl of cereal or pancake, I think this is a healthy and quite tasty way to start the day. Once you get into the groove of making breakfast drinks it’s also really fast: I can assemble all the ingredients and have this whipped up and ready to drink in under 5 minutes. And that’s a good thing because I’m ready to get going with something else in the morning, not sit around assembling a complicated breakfast!

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