I’m in the Dads Club member spotlight!

Dad's Club - A National Fatherhood Initiative ProjectThis is pretty sweet: Dad’s Club, a spin-off of the National Fatherhood Initiative, picked me as their Dad of the Month (I guess that’s what it’s called) and I’m in the Member Spotlight.

If you haven’t heard of the National Fatherhood Initiative, I urge you to check it out. It’s a DC-based group that’s trying to do something about the alarming lack of fathers in our children’s lives. It’s a staggering problem: over 30% of children in the United States are without their father in their lives. 1 out of 3. Staggering.

Back to the Member Spotlight, however. More than anything, what this honor means is that when my kids are around, I now have to be extra, extra nice to them because the psychic discord of being in conflict with them while other people are reading about what a smart, witty, engaged and loving Dad I am is likely dangerous for my mental health. 🙂

More seriously, please do pop over and read my member spotlight interview. Lots of fun questions and a few things you might not have known about me.

And in the spirit of the interview, ask me questions in the comments on this blog post too and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I’ll get started:

Q: Favorite sport?

A: Soccer. Hands down. In fact, I’m wearing a Tottenham Hotspurs sweatshirt as I type this in. And when the FIFA World Cup shows up next summer I’ll be adjusting my schedule to ensure I can watch as many games live as possible.

Alright, dear reader, what other questions should I answer? 🙂

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