Like a Ninja! My Ninja Ultima Blender party…

ninja ultima blenderI’ve been having fruit smoothies for breakfast for just about all of 2013, using my Kitchenaid blender acquired at Target a few years ago and while it’s done okay, I’ve been eager to upgrade to a high end blender. If they weren’t so crazy expensive, I’d have bought a Vitamix as they have a very good reputation.

When the opportunity to give a Ninja Ultima BL810 blender a whirl (pun intended) came along, I jumped at the chance. After all, the Ninja line has a very good reputation and many people find that they compare favorably to the Vitamix, but at a much more rational price point, about $250.

I invited a group of friends over so they too could learn about the Ninja Ultima. Better: The company sent me two Ultima units, one to give away to one of the party attendees.

The Ultima includes two super handy cup mixing units and a blade assembly that fits, which makes it incredibly easy to make that quick morning smoothie and grab it to drink on the road. That’s actually my favorite thing about the blender after a few weeks of using the unit, and my kids have gotten quite enthused about using it too, even for blending semi-melted popsicles into icee-type drinks.

For my friends, I polled them on favorite ingredients and ended up adding the following ingredients into the big container:

2 cups fresh strawberries

1 cup fresh blueberries

1/2 cup fresh raspberries

1/4 cup greek yogurt

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup torn spinach

Before I put the lid on it, locked it into place and started the blades spinning, the combination of ingredients looked like this:

ninja blender smoothie - unmixed

Doesn’t that look delicious?

I blended it up – didn’t take long (but the Ninja blender is kinda noisy, just so you know) – and doled it out to my friends in fancy wine glasses. They drank up, even though they were all universally skeptical about the added spinach, and I grabbed a snapshot of ’em:

Friends enjoying Ninja Ultima Smoothies

It must have been good, they were all still smiling after they drank up, even Chris, who insisted beforehand that he didn’t like fruit or fruit smoothies. And then I mentioned that I’ve made smoothies that included coffee and he got very interested in the whole idea…

The Ninja Ultima, by the way, has the following specs: 1500 watts, 2.5 (peak) horsepower, 72 oz BPA-free pitcher (the big one) and two single serve cups with their own lids and mini-blend blade, along with a separate column of additional blades for those tough jobs.

And finally, after our blender party, each of my guests picked a number and we rolled some dice to identify the winner. Congrats to Ben, who seems quite happy to have a really big box to take home:

Ben won the Ninja Ultima BL810

If you’re suffering through using an old, underpowered, antiquated blender, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade too. And that smoothie? Delicious!

Disclaimer: Ninja sent me two Ultima BL810 blenders, one to try out and keep, the other to give away as a prize for one of the people who attended my Ninja party. And I’m definitely enjoying it!


5 comments on “Like a Ninja! My Ninja Ultima Blender party…

  1. I started doing fruit smoothies for breakfast a few months ago, and our black and decker wedding blender is already starting to die from the daily use. Have been looking at the ninjas….

  2. Hi Dave,

    I am planning on buying/importing The Ninja blender to Australia. Could you be able to tell me if the blender sold in the US supports 250 volts power? I have looked everywhere but all the specs don’t cover this information.

    • Jeffery, I would contact the company directly to find out both the answer to your specific question and whether there are any other issues with import/export or Australian safety laws. Good luck!

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