My guest stint on The Joel Comm Show

Live, recorded while I was visit Joel Sunday afternoon. If you want to skip forward, our interview starts at about 3:00min mark.

We were originally just going to talk about monetization (the fancy word for “making money with your Web site”), but as we started the recording process, the topic expanded quite a bit. Joel and I have also known each other for many, many years, through the proverbial “thick and thin” of our lives, so you’ll hear an easy banter between us that – I hope! – makes this a particularly fun and amusing listen.

I’ll also admit, later in the interview I make some comments about boys and men in our culture that I expect will be somewhat controversial, so do listen through and let me know what your reaction is to my commentary.

And thanks to Joel for bringing me on the show. You can find more about Joel and his many projects at

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