Kiwi the cat now lives at my house

kiwi on my chestI last wrote about Kiwi the cat (aka “Keyword” or whatever name we come up with him for a given day) back in mid-November when I talked about him being our timesharing cat. At the time, we’d just gotten into a groove where he travelled from home to home with the kids, bouncing between my house and Linda’s house.

It worked pretty well, actually, except for one stymying issue: Linda has three dogs and one of them is determined to have Kiwi the cat as an afternoon snack. I hear about it all the time, how Snugs just lays at the bedroom door when Kiwi is inside, patiently waiting for that one moment, that one chance.

Could he be trained not to do this and to perhaps even be friends with the cat? Theoretically, but from my interaction with him, he’s not the sharpest knife in the canine drawer nor the brightest bulb in the chandelier either. More importantly, training involves time and that seems to be the commodity in shortest supply.

And so almost four months later Keyword the grey kitten is now staying with me even when the children are at their mother’s house. It’s safer than worrying about him being a snack over at the other house, and truth be told, he’s quite the cutie.

We just need to work together so he’ll learn my sleeping patterns, not to mooch when I’m cooking, and how to be social when friends are visiting. Once we work that out, he’ll be quite the welcome guest.

For now, he’s just hanging out…

One comment on “Kiwi the cat now lives at my house

  1. “…determined to have Kiwi the cat as an afternoon snack”


    As a dog person I should be rooting for Snugs, but I applaud your protective instincts all the same. Viva Kiwi!

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