If Teen Shakespeare Texted…

My daughter A- and I have a great relationship, one that’s improved as she’s gotten older. It’s fun to have little ones, no question, but there’s something really terrific about having a young adult in the family, someone with whom you can have more mature and thoughtful conversations, with whom you can play and joke, knowing that they’ll pick up on it and keep the rhythm up, in their own inimitable way.

That’s what I had in mind when she texted me the question “where art thou?” the other day.

And, well. Here’s how our interaction went:

if william shakespeare texted as a teen

One of those great interactions where you know the other person’s having just as much fun as you are.

And that she is my Juliet and I her Romeo? I’ll chalk that up to artistic (poetic?) license.

Next time, though, iambic pentameter. If I could just remember what the heck that is…

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