Father’s Day Gifts When Dad was a Shadow Recruit

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As Father’s Day gets closer, I keep thinking about how I used to suspect my Dad was a spy, a “shadow recruit” and probably worked for MI6 alongside Bond, James Bond and the crew. Heck, he probably had the secret phone number for “M” so he could check in as needed. I mean, think about it: We’re English, he was born in London, he had that sophisticated Brit accent, served in the RAF and looks almost exactly like Sean Connery. Really.

Check this out:

my dad and sean connery

You see? That’s 007 on the left and Dad on the right, in case you’re not sure which is which. 🙂

That’s why it’s tricky to figure out a Father’s Day present. I mean, what would you buy your Dad if you knew he was a super spy, had been undercover for years, and you were one of the very few outside of MI6 who knew he was really a representative of The Queen on foreign soil (the US of A)? An action gift, of course!

Turns out that Walmart has a killer deal on an action double feature that’s perfect for retired spies and action heroes too, but only June 10-14, 2014, so don’t wait to pick one up: A double feature of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (starring Chris Pine) and the terrific remake of The Italian Job (with Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Donald Sutherland). On Blu-Ray. For $12.96. And there’s a $15 off sports tickets at Ticketmaster promo associated with the dual-pack too. If you use it, that’s like Walmart giving you $2 to give this great double feature to your Dad.

Yup, both movies on Blu-Ray for under $13. That’s what smart spy children pick up, for sure, sports ticket discount or not.

Even the packaging says Dad! You Still One Dangerous Mofo!

jack ryan shadow recruit and the italian job, from walmart

As a film critic, I will say that The Italian Job is the better of these movies, but they’re both highly watchable and entertaining, the kind of action double feature that is sure to go well with a few brews and that special Dad in your life.

Heck, I’d be happy if my kids picked this up for me on Father’s Day. Except for the “used to be a spy for MI6” part. Pretty sure I don’t work for the British Secret Service…

Even better, my local Walmart had a great end-cap display that made it impossible to miss:

jack ryan shadow recruit display at walmart

It’s a super good deal when I’m used to seeing Blu-Ray movies priced at $20 or so each, meaning that this is a $40 deal for $12.96. A no brainer (and, shhh, even if it’s not for Father’s Day, you can still pick it up and save some major coin on a great pair of movies)

So that’s it Dad. I realize that with your leftover sophisticated spy surveillance gear, you probably already know what I got you for Father’s Day, but that’s okay. I still love you, even with the creepy secret service stalker part. 🙂

But really, is this where you used to work?

british secret service mi6 headquarters

It’s okay, you can tell me now, Dad. I mean, it’s not like I’m with the CIA or anything…

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  1. I did pay a visit to CIA headquarters when they bought one of our typesetters. Very impressive establishment (what I saw of it). After having my picture taken, fingerprints too, they blindfolded me and led me to a conference room and scared the living daylights out of me…I think that I confessed to sinking the Titanic, absconding with Amelia Earhart and writing graffiti in the ladies room.

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