A Fun Day at Denver Comic-Con 2014

As a film critic for ScienceFiction.com I have access to some pretty cool opportunities, not the least of which is that I can flash that credential to get a media pass for game and sci-fi conventions and conferences. Handy, that! When Comic-Con heads to Denver, I was definitely “in” and, better, brought along A-, my 17yo daughter, as an additional photographer from SF.c.

Denver Comic-Con isn’t as big as the original, San Diego Comic-Con, but attendance this year is projected to be a respectable 75,000 so no complaints about that. And the fact that it’s 30min drive from home? That’s just handy.

My writeup of the ‘Con is going to be showing up on the ScienceFiction.com site in a few days — and I’ll link to it here — but in the meantime, here are some photos to enjoy.

And yes, 75,000 people is a lot of people. And there’s lots to explore and consider buying:


But let’s start with someone else. You know this guy, right? From WETA Studios:


One of the really cool things about Comic-Con is that there are tons of artists with tables — including my friends Steve Oatney and Kira Woodmansee — and many of them spend the time doing sketches and drawings to sell:


It’s always cool to see artists at work, regardless of medium, but there are a LOT of talented illustrators at DCC!


Perhaps the biggest draw for Denver Comic-Con and comic and fantasy conventions in general is the chance to dress in elaborate, complex costumes and pretend to be someone else. Just for a day you’re the center of attention with what they call “cosplay”.

Here are some of my favorites:



Apparently sometimes even The Joker needs to take a break too:




In the props area were some surprisingly elaborate setups too, including this terrific 10-foot x 15-foot LEGO train setup. Given the price of LEGO, one can only imagine how much it cost to create (and transport!):



And sometimes there are costume malfunctions, as this robotic chap is learning:


My 10yo is obsessed with Archie comics, so it was really cool to meet Dan, an artist who works for Archie Comics. Here’s a photo I took for my girl:


Need to buy a sword? No worries, Blade Daddy has you covered:


And I love this one. This is Spiderman after his first child, just in time for Father’s Day:



Some of the artists had quite elaborate setups too:


And who can’t be charmed by Chewbacca posing with grandma?


Rather surprisingly, there were actually comic books for sale. But Sub-Mariner? I read those when I was a kid…


A- and I had a really fun time at Denver Comic-Con 2014 and while we never made it to any of the panels or celebrity signings, the cosplay folk were more than enough entertainment!

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