Hey Dad, Let’s Share a Glass of Wine…

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Father’s Day. Suddenly a wave of “guy gifts” shows up in my inbox, companies hoping that they’ll have the one product that either speaks to my children, making them think “oh yeah, Dad would love this!” or speaks to me, making me think that my own Dad would enjoy that particular product or service.

the calling wine, a dad central father's day campaignClassic things seem to involve beer, bbq and sports, but that’s not really the relationship I have with my Dad, so many products just fall flat. And as for my kids, heck, I have so many blessings I don’t know that I need much more than a card and some gratitude from the little nippers. And maybe for once they can clean their rooms!

Plus there’s also the reality of our lives. Of my three kids, only one is with me for Father’s Day this year while the other two are with their Mom in Germany on a holiday. So I don’t even have a clue if I’m getting 1/3 of a Father’s Day or the full monty (well, maybe not the full monty!).

And my Dad? I live in Colorado, he lives in California, so the logistics are tricky at best, and even if we could go out for a celebratory dinner, we wouldn’t go to a sports bar — unless it’s to watch some World Cup soccer! — and we certainly wouldn’t have a couple of brewski’s.

But a nice glass of wine? A sweet pinot noir with a few burgers? Now we’re talking about something that would be a Father’s Day gift my own Dad might well appreciate. And when I read about The Calling wine, a partnership between sports commentator Jim Nantz and wine entrepreneur Peter Deutsch, I thought it was the perfect vino for such a celebration.

sharing a glass of wine with dad for father's day - the calling pinot noir

The backstory of their collaboration, the Deutsch Nantz Alliance (DNA), is pretty cool. As they explain it:

“It was serendipity that brought Emmy Award winning sports commentator Jim Nantz and wine industry entrepreneur Peter Deutsch together at a restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut where they were each having dinner with friends. Peter had recently read Jim’s book about his father, Always By My Side, and it resonated with him, reminding him of his own relationship with his father. Peter introduced himself that evening.”

The grapes used for the Pinot Noir are also sourced from the Dutton Ranch Vineyard, a sustainable wine growing program based in the Russian River Valley north of San Francisco. Nice.

Now I just need to figure out how to share it with my own dad, whether it’s Father’s Day or not.

Because a wine this good is too good not to share with someone I love…

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  1. Unfortunately I take blood thinning pills which means that liquor is a no-no. But I will drink a toast to my son in Liptons tea and wish him a great Fathers day. I regard myself as being very lucky to
    have a daughter and a son par excellence.

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