What I’d give up for a seat at the 2014 Cup final…

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soccer ball going into net

I’m obsessed, I own it. I have always been a big soccer fan and proudly support both my British Premier League team — the Tottenhan Hotspur — and Team England in the 2014 Cup every four years. Neither has a great record of finishing what they start, however, and the Spurs rather famously fall apart as the season ends, wrapping up in fifth or sixth postion year after year. And the England team? Let’s just say that people who don’t follow the team were surprised when they washed out of the Cup without even making it to the Round of Sixteen.

Ah, Rooney. Johnson. Lambert. Sturridge. And where were the other greats like Bale, a former Spurs player who is a superb addition to any team (as Real Madrid realized when they bought him from Tottenham. We fans still rue the day).

Still. It’s the Cup. Every four years, the best of the best compete for one of the most coveted titles in all of sports. And while England, Italy, Spain, and other strong competitors are out, there are still some amazing teams playing for that rather ugly trophy and the bragging rights of being the best soccer team in the world. My money’s on a final match between The Netherlands and Germany, personally, with the men in orange squeezing out a win in stoppage time.

Which brings me to the point of this article. I’m posting this as part of the BACARDÍ Untameable Fan promo and they’ve asked me what would I give up to win tickets to go to one of the countries whose team makes it to the final match this year, and I’ll tell you, I am ready to Make a Sacrifice, as this pic shows:

i'd give up my cat to go watch the 2014 Cup Final!

Bacardi’s official drink of the Untameable Fan promo is the Cuba Libre, a rum & coke with a slice of lime. I can hoist one of those during the match and frankly, it’s going to be insanely hot — likely upwards of 95F! in the stadium — so a few cold drinks will be a must, whether I’m

What would you sacrifice to get your hands on these amazing tickets? Let us know and Enter to Win!

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