To Light a Single Candle

memorial candleThere was a terrible accident this last weekend up in the canyons above Boulder, an accident that resulted in a 7th grader at my children’s school dying. Terrible.

But I felt distant from the incident even though I knew the girl and her family. My children are in 8th and 4th, not in the same class and this is the very last week of school so the energy is very much looking forward to summer. Emails from the school, text messages and email from fellow parents, all kept me thinking about it, but not being emotionally caught up in the loss.

Fate doesn’t schedule things for the best possible time, however, and this poor girl is now up in heaven.

There’s a memorial table at school in front of the seventh grade class. Pictures, art and candles.

And that got to me.

deep breath.

Today I’ll be on autopilot, trying to get things done, but my heart will be with the girl, her sister and her family.

Because it could happen to any of us parents.

In the blink of an eye.


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  1. Yes, indeed. One minute she’s in the truck and the next she’s in the water. I read that story with interest since we are moving to Boulder on Friday (!); all of it happening because of a bear sighting! You just never know, and maybe that’s one of the things that makes life so precious but it’s still hard to accept.

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