Review: Vertty Triangular Beach Towel

I get lots and lots of pitches from different companies and different agencies, for products that are a complete mix. Strollers, pacifiers, clothes, shoes, hotels thousands of miles away, and even beach towels. Yes, beach towels.

Turns out that beach towels needed to “bring the city’s sophistication” to the beach, according to designer Vertty, so they rethought the entire concept and made a high-end towel that’s sewn together from triangular parts. More importantly, it includes a secret waterproof storage pocket. A beach towel for $89.99.

The packaging and concept execution is beautiful. Here’s the shipping box:

vertty beach towel, triangular box

Pull out the towel and it’s neatly folded in, surprise, a triangle shape:

vertty towel, folded

I realized immediately that I’ll never be able to fold the towel neatly enough to fit back into the box, however, but that’s okay.

This is a true international effort too, as the label emphasizes:

lisbon, portugal, fabric label

Unfolded, it really is a unique shape for a towel (I didn’t have a beach handy, alas, so it’s against my tile floor):

vertty triangular quilt beach towel

The dark triangular shape at the bottom is the secret pocket too, as you can see in this closeup:

waterproof pocket beach towel iphone phone

Today that’s as close as I’m getting to the beach, unfortunately.

The towel is made out of a “ketten fabric”, whatever that is, so the company indicates that it’s lighter than usual and environmentally friendly in production.

The problem is, it’s really thin. For my tastes a super-premium towel, at $89.99, needs to feel plush and luxurious, certainly far nicer than what I can pick up for $10 at Walmart or $25 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. But it doesn’t. And while the waterproof zipper pocket is a neat idea and the design is eye-catching, it’s not enough to justify a 3x premium. At $39.99 it would seem reasonable but a bit spendy. But $90 for a single beach towel? Not in my family.

Sorry guys. Love the concept, just not thrilled with the final product.

Disclaimer: Vertty sent one of their towels along for me to check out and review. My reaction is entirely my own.

3 comments on “Review: Vertty Triangular Beach Towel

  1. My words. A usd 15 towel sold at usd 90 falling short of all its claims. Where is the size of 180 cm ? Does not dry quickly, quite the opposite. Feels and handles cheap.

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