Rockport shoes, more comfortable than sneakers?

Tip: I’m hosting a giveaway for a pair of Rockport Total Motion shoes. Read on…

When I look at photos of people going to work in an urban area like New York or Chicago, I’m always struck by how nicely everyone dresses. Me? I work at coffee shops and usually have on a polo shirt, shorts and sandals. And if I’m working at home, it could be PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. Not so upscale.

But informality comes at a cost, and when I attend business meetings or speak at conferences, I up my game with actual pants, a button-down shirt and nice shoes. Problem is, my feet are so used to the lack of constraint of sandals or sneakers that I end up traveling with two pair of shoes, sneakers for flying, dinners, etc, and fancier shoes for when I’m attending those meetings or standing up on stage.

And so, when Rockport contacted me with its #RockportChallenge, claiming that its dress shoes were as comfortable as my favorite sneakers, I had my curiosity piqued. I mean, I already own Rockport shoes and really like them, but as comfy as a worn in pair of sneakers? Skeptical, that was me.

They sent me a pair of the Rockport Total Motion Driving Mocs in a styling teal (that’s a light blue for those of you guys who are color-name challenged), and as soon as I put them on, my teen daughter said “ooh, hipster. You. Sheesh. What next?” She’s right, they are kinda hipster!

Check it out, this pic is from a few days ago when I was the host and emcee for the Performance Marketing Summit:

dave taylor speaking at the performance marketing intensive, denver co affiliate summit

You can see me rockin’ my Driving Mocs. Heck, I even received compliments from attendees on my natty footwear.

Here’s a closeup of the shoes too, since they’re a bit hard to see in that photo (and, frankly, my jeans in the previous pic are a bit long anyway):

rockport total motion driving mocs in teal

Definitely more stylish than a pair of sports shoes!

And as for the comfort? I have to say, they are really comfortable with soles designed on top of the Adidas Sports Technology “ADIPRENE” shock-absorbent cushioning. You can’t see it in the pic, but the bottom is pretty high-tech from a materials perspective, definitely not the slick, flat surface of a typical dress shoe.

I was already a fan of Rockports, and my Rockport Perth shoes are some of my favorites when I can’t get away with sandals or sneakers, but the Driving Mocs are really nice too, just what a guy needs when he has to dress up but still wants to be stylish.

And you can find out! I’m going to be letting one lucky GoFatherhood reader pick a pair of Rockport Total Motion shoes and try the #RockportChallenge themselves, comparing the fit and comfort of the Rockports with your favorite sneakers.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this article answering the question: How many toes do you have on your feet?

That shouldn’t be too hard. 🙂

Disclaimer and small print: the contest runs until July 1, 2014 and the winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Rockport is sponsoring the giveaway — I’m not that nice as to buy you a pair of shoes! — and supplied me with the Driving Mocs as part of this promotional campaign too. Got it? Good!

20 comments on “Rockport shoes, more comfortable than sneakers?

  1. 5 on each foot, or 10 total. I know, not a really exciting answer 🙂

    Always been a fan of Rockport shoes. I have a pair that are my go to travel shoes, they weigh almost nothing and are slip on (and no steel shank) so great for airport travel. And they look nice enough to wear with slacks, jeans, really anything but a suit.

  2. I have 10 toes. 5 toes per foot.

    However, I knew a girl once who had 6 toes per foot, for a total of 12 toes. Not really on topic…but interesting.

  3. I think men have it far easier on the ‘shoe comfort’ scale, but then again I, too, work from home and get to loaf around in slippers. I’m all for shoes that blend comfort and style, and frankly I’m digging the pics shown here!

  4. I have ten very long toes. They are sort of like fingers on my toes.

    My husband, who would wear these, has 10 beautiful toes. They are normal and do not look like fingers, although he probably could use a pedicure. 🙂


  5. Ten toes that love my sneakers, but have to do the DIA 2 mile stroll in dress shoes many times each month… Comfy shoes area MUST.
    Just don’t step on Dave’s blue suede blog

  6. Hey Dave.

    Loved your daughter’s comment. Reminds me of when I got a Motorola Razor phone and my daughter said “Gee Dad, you’re almost cool now” 🙂

    10 toes


  7. Using for a random number between 1 and 15 produces…. 8! Which means you’re a winner, Brandon Eley! I’ll be emailing you with details of how to claim your shmantzy new Rockport shoes. Congrats!

    • Wow, thanks! I’ve worn my new Rockport Total Motion shoes for several days this week and have to say they’re REALLY comfortable. These are going to be my “business travel” shoes because they look dressy enough to wear with anything, and they’re comfortable enough for a whole day of walking in the city.

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