Some Cool SIGG Thermoses

Many thanks to the team at SIGG for sending along a care package of thermoses to start our back to school acquisitions (and here it’s still 5 weeks until school starts. Yikes).

They’re all cool and incredibly well made in Frauenfeld, Switzerland from BPA-free and phthalates-free aluminum:

sigg thermos lineup

But the two that are really standouts are the Thermo unit that has a built in tea filter, and the little blue children’s travel series thermos.

First, the 1.0L Thermo unit:

sigg thermo tea strainer filter thermos

I know my 17yo who is addicted to green tea will love this because it’ll let her put loose tea (or a teabag) into the strainer unit to steep into the rest of the liquid, without eventually just falling to the bottom. And if we’re ever stranded on a desert island with a block of cheese, it could be a tiny cheese grater too. 🙂

Okay, I made that last part up.

The Travel Series 0.4L thermos is also neat because of how they’ve anticipated the needs and interests of children. It includes a handy little lunch bag that can also be worn as a mini-backpack:

sigg travel thermos with lunch bag

Super cute, right? Even better, it includes a little tiny bag within which you can stuff the big bag once you’re done with your lunch, making the entire package ridiculously compact and cute:

sigg travel series with bag

Isn’t that just darling? 🙂

Now to get school started so we can test things out!

Disclaimer: Thanks to SIGG for sending along these four thermoses. Thermii? Four times a thermos? You know what I mean.

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