Dr Cocoa: Medicine Your Kids Will Actually Take

There’s little harder in life than parenting a sick child. They’re cranky, they moan and whinge, and you’re likely exhausted from trying to care for them. Oh, and there’s the rest of your life that has to be put on hold which can definitely trigger some frustration of its own. When they’re babies you’re used to holding and cuddling them, and when they’re older they’re more self-contained, understanding that bad tasting medicine is just part of healing.

But get that 4-13 age group and they’ll adamantly refuse to take medicine that could ostensibly grant temporary relief and help them get better faster. So, so frustrating, and when medicines can cost a pretty penny, having them knock pills onto the floor or a spoonful of medicine onto the couch? Yeah, not good. At all. As Dr. Cocoa for Children so memorably says, with its 10% cocoa medicines, you fight the cold, not the child. Oh, I know what they mean!

Since my 10yo K- daughter had the sniffles and was complaining about a sore throat, she become the designated patient for our test of Dr. Cocoa’s Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief, and even just pouring it into the spoon you can see that it’s not the usual translucent liquid:

I tasted it and while it’s clearly still medicine, it really is rather tasty and the 10% cocoa makes it thick. It’s still medicine, though, and should be stored with all appropriate precautions to ensure your children are safe. Just saying.

K-, my 10yo, had a big spoonful and agreed that it tasted really good, she even licked the spoon to make sure she got all the medicine, something I am not used to experiencing with her, and a real benefit when having the proper dose is important.

Afterwards, she seemed quite capable of ignoring her cold, playing with her BFF, then going to sleep without further complaints. The next day she was visibly better, though still a bit tired from school and her usual non-stop activity. Verdict: Dr. Cocoa worked and let her go right back to being a kid, exactly what we parents all seek when our children are under the weather.

Here’s an alarming stat from Dr. Cocoa’s for Kids too: The typical school-age child gets 8-12 colds each year. I’d bet that it’s heavily skewed towards school times (in fact, cold season is Sept to April), so that means roughly every 3-4 weeks your child will have a cold. Yikes. 40% of parents say that they have difficulties getting kids to take medicine (me, I’d like to meet the other 60%) and 30% of parents say that it’s the darn flavor of the medicine that’s a huge part of the problem.

Enter Dr. Cocoa, with its 10% cocoa formulation. It’s the first chocolate flavored medicine on the market and they have three formulations available: Nighttime Cough + Cold (what my daughter tried), Long-Acting Cough Relief and Daytime Cough. They also have a little owl puppet you can enter to win.

Got kids and medicine hassles? Then you might want to check out Dr Cocoa for Kids.

You can find DrCocoa on Facebook, you can visit www.drcocoa.com to learn more and you can even download a $2-off coupon. But do tell me, how many colds does your child get each year?

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