The Sims 4 Launch: Time to Build Your Universe

disclaimerLife is chaos, and any delusion of control is just that, a delusion. It’s something I’ve learned as a parent. Except for the world of The Sims 4, in which case I have a ton of control over everything, from where houses are built — even building it room by room! — to how they’re furnished, body and personality characteristics of people in my community, and even who meets whom and what happens at parties and in the village plaza.

It’s ridiculously appealing actually, this level of control over a really well rendered, complex and sophisticated world, and with the new sharing features of The Sims 4, you can even create interesting Sims and have them show up in your friend’s worlds too. How cool is that?

I popped into the local Walmart to pick up a copy of the game and found out that they either hadn’t received any signage from Electronic Arts or simply hadn’t placed it to coincide with the launch of the new game. Still, the clerk knew exactly where it was when I asked because there’s an entire “Sims” section in the store. Here’s how it looked:

shelf display the sims 4 limited edition walmart

Unfortunately none of the Sims 3 expansion packs work with The Sims 4 – it’s a new (apparently far more sophisticated) tech infrastructure. Lots of neat stuff for down the road, I suppose. I cracked open the game and installed it on my PC through EA’s Origin game platform. Easy enough, a quick verification of my code to go live and I was ready to jump in, create my avatar and Sim posse, build the house of my dreams, lay out my city to create harmony and happiness, and start the world clock ticking as they went about their daily activities and interacted.

And then realized just how complicated the game really is.

Heck, they’re not kidding when the company says that it’s so sophisticated and deep that you can spend all your time just building and creating, without every actually “playing” the game.

Rather than show my pathetic attempts at doing cool things, I decided to show you some of the things I seek to duplicate in my own Sims 4 world, a world I humbly call Daveland…

First off, the house I want to build, just a few beautiful, green steps from the ocean:

my next house? courtesy of The Sims 4

You can’t see it here, but since I can build it room by room, I’d have at least one room dedicated to billiards and an amazing home theater setup, complete with popcorn popper and red velvet curtains. And my kitchen? It’ll be wicked beautiful with stainless steel, baskets of fresh fruit and plants galore.

And in case it gets dusty, I’ll also have a summer home on the sand, because sometimes grass is so tedious:

pyramid house, the sims 4

Wait a sec. Where are the windows in that house? Okay, so maybe the Great Pyramid of Dave isn’t going to be so cool inside after all. But still, wouldn’t you want to live in a pyramid? I’d give it a shot!

And then while I can construct Sims physiques the way I want, why not force them to work out as I force myself to work out in real life (aka “IRL”)? In fact, maybe that’s what the pyramid can be: a workout facility!

Here’s how I imagine it’ll end up looking:

workout room, sims 4

That’d be me on the treadmill: gloomy and ready for someone to click on the green diamond to learn more about my mood and, hopefully, give me some motivation to be happier. EA calls this “Big Personality”, though in this image it looks more like “crushed personality”.

Or maybe “edit Sim” is easier, since I am in control of this world and the people within it?

You can actually set up aging on your Sims too and can specify that time passes slowly, at a regular speed or really fast. Here’s my nefarious plan: I’ll have a Sims high school reunion and have everyone but me be on ‘fast aging’. That would cheer up my workout avatar, for sure, looking twenty years younger than his annoying high school classmates!

Still, Sims seem to be mostly in the teens and twenties based on behaviors, so even in the game world people pay too much attention to their cellphones, not the world around them:

pay attention, don't just stare at your cellphone

Dude. Keep it real.

I’m going to keep exploring The Sims 4: Limited Edition because it’s pretty amazing what they’ve wrought with this sophisticated simulation that tries to capture the complex world of human interaction while also offering a powerful world builder. Now do they sell an expansion that offers up “five extra hours in a day” so I can find the time??

Pick up The Sims 4 from Walmart for $59.99 and we can share Sims!

And for a limited time only, Simify Yourself for a chance to win big prizes. Just click on this fun graphic:

simify yourself competition

Note: No purchase necessary. There are $8000 in prizes being given away, including a trip to Maxis studio in California! See Official Rules.

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  1. I’m absolutely thrilled with your write up about the the newest release – and completely devastated I can’t play! Hoping for a Mac release soon or for some sort of Steam loophole. Love your blog!

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