Consolidate all your social media with MessageHub

If you’re active in social media like I am, you have a rather bewildering array of different news feeds to track. Between Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google Plus, SMS text messaging, iMessage, LinkedIn, Pinterest and I don’t even know what else, seems like my little notifications window on my iPhone is going non-stop. In fact, it’s common for other people to comment on it after a short period, typically “you sure are popular!”. If only they knew… 🙂

More seriously, this non-stop stream of information is endemic to our interrupt driven age, but it’s also a function of there being such fragmentation in the social media world too, and the real downside is that if you’re trying to pay attention to what a few people — perhaps your spouse or siblings — are doing, it can be well-nigh impossible!

Enter MessageHub. This slick app is designed for all Apple iOS devices and goes a long way to consolidating all of these newsfeeds, while also offering an easy to use favorites feature that helps you keep track of the people who are really important in your online life.

Let’s start with the account support. As you can see in this first image, I have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn hooked up, along with granting the app access to my Address Book.

I could add Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL, but haven’t yet done so. And AOL? Really? 🙂

iphone ipad app messagehub set up social media network accounts

This is in Settings > Accounts. If I back up and go to Settings > Favorites, I can easily find and select those people who I want to track online, whether they’re posting on Twitter, Facebook, or any other service that I’m both hooked up with and know their social ID.

Darn useful, all my messages in one place:

favorites list in message hub ios 8 app

Also look along the bottom for the primary MessageHub navigational bar.

Left to right it’s Everyone (a big consolidated news feed), Conversations (what’s up with your favorite people) and Settings.

Jump into “Everyone” and you can see the value of the app instantly:

your 'everyone' feed for message hub

All your messages in one place. Handy. (Notice that the first post is from Twitter and the second from Facebook)

Where MessageHub really shines, though, is when you go to post a new message. Imagine, one place where you can send it to individuals or to any of your connected social media services:

where do you want to send your message?

Darn convenient!

To be fair, MessageHub hasn’t completely solved the problem of consolidating all of my social media feeds, but it’s a really big step in that direction and I encourage you to check it out and give it a try. Just grab it — free! — from the iTunes Store.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MessageHub. The opinions and text are all mine.