A Visit to the Nite Ize Factory Floor

One of the many great things about living in an entrepreneur-friendly community like Boulder, Colorado is that there are a lot of innovations going on around us. From the food biz to pharma, tech and software to consumer electronics, it’s quite astonishing how much is happening and how many little companies are slowly but surely growing to become big companies, all within a few miles of our house.

I recently connected with the team at Nite Ize, a company with a ton of really slick products all essentially based on night lights and safety lights, and asked them if my 10yo and I could pop by the factory / warehouse floor for a quick tour. They obliged, and plied us with a bag full of product samples to my daughter’s great delight. I’ll write about their products in a different post, but here are the photos we took on the informal tour…

Actually we started out in their business office which is in Boulder proper. The conference room was quite impressive, displaying most of their over 400 products (well, 400 SKUs representing a smaller number of products). Here are a few that caught our eye:

conference room business office display

Pay attention to the glittery frisbee in the top right. In a few photos I’ll show you the glitter printer they use to get that cool spiral effect…

We headed a few minutes north of town to the small neighborhood of Gunbarrel, where we easily found their warehouse:

nite-ize warehouse and factory

Interestingly, Nite Ize shares its warehouse with Blue Mountain Arts, there’s a floor-to-ceiling fence that splits the space in two. I do wonder if they ever yell at each other or invite each other over for parties, but it’s a smart solution when you don’t quite need all that square footage.

Components are manufactured overseas and assembled in this facility, so most of the factory space is dedicated to packaging machines like this:

packaging machine

The more interesting machine was the glittery foil printer for those FlashFlight frisbees I showed you in the earlier picture:

glitter foil printer for frisbees

Very cool, and I certainly never really thought about how the shiny foil material is affixed to something like a frisbee or other product.

The majority of the space in the warehouse was taken up with, well, warehouse stuff:

warehouse space at nite ize

You can see some of the second shift workers sitting and assembling products together too.

This caught my daughter’s eye, a tray of the light inserts for ClipLit lights:

components for clip-lit light from nite ize

If you haven’t checked out their product line, pop over and see what Nite Ize has to offer. My daughter and I quite enjoyed our tour and it’s really nice to know what’s going on in a warehouse we’ve passed hundreds of times as we’ve driven around the neighborhood.

Next stop, an automobile assembly plant. But for that we’ll have to travel further than Colorado…

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