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collective bias d-claimerIt’s coming up on that time of the year, with Black Friday two weeks away and both Hannukah and Christmas just around the corner from there. Which means that it’s gifting season too, and while for some people that’s a chance to enjoy poking around increasingly hectic shopping malls or big box stores, for a lot of us, it can be a bit stressful as we try to find the perfect gift for everyone on the list without having to get a second mortgage, whether it’s as simple as a portable speakerphone or as complex as a new smartphone or computer.

That’s where shopping online is such a big win, and when it’s as easy as what they have at (JBL, by the way, stands for the name of the guy who invented the original speaker tech: James B. Lansing) with free shipping and free returns, you can really focus on what to buy without the anxiety of how to get it. And if the recipient isn’t so jazzed about the speaker you can return it, no hassles, and find something else they’d like. Maybe a bag of coal for the young Scrooge? 🙂

gifting solved with the jbl flip 2 speaker

And I’m hosting a JBL Flip 2 giveaway. Did I mention that? You’ll find the link at the bottom…

Even without the giveaway, seriously, how easy is it to buy one of these guys in the color of your choice? It’s two clicks away from being in the mail, heading your way, one person taken care of this holiday season, even without checking the JBL Holiday Gift Guide:

buy jbl flip 2 speaker

Paying attention to that image? The speaker’s also $20 off until Nov 22, so don’t wait if you want to pick one up.

My older daughter spends a ton of time on the phone, often 2-3 hours at a stretch, and while the Flip 2 does a nice job with music, it really shines when she uses it as a speakerphone, with its noise-canceling microphone and great range Bluetooth connection. She can leave her iPhone in its charging dock and carry the little Flip 2 practically anywhere in the house without any degradation of sound quality. As the holidays arrive, she’ll doubtless spend even more time on the phone because checking in with family is very much a part of the holiday tradition in our world.

Problem is, I couldn’t actually capture her on camera. Teens. I did get the speaker in various locations, however, including this one that gives you an idea of its size versus a can of soda:

compare jbl flip 2 versus can of soda

Once the speaker is paired to your Android or iPhone — or computer! — via Bluetooth, you can also use the speaker as, well, a speaker, and while it’s not going to rival your big home theater setup, the Flip 2 is more than capable of enhancing your time at the office or in a hotel room.

And the tiny size — it’s about the size of a slim can of soda, as you can see in the photo — and light weight makes it a no-brainer to toss in a purse, backpack or suitcase. Or just leave on your bed, ready to use, as seems to be the situation around my house…

jbl flip 2 android phone on bed

One more photo, since my daughter figured out that since there’s the Flip 2 has great range, you can leave your phone safely in the house and just take the speaker outside for some privacy:

jbl flip 2 outside

Now lest you get the wrong impression, it’s not actually waterproof, so I wouldn’t recommend using it in the middle of a rainstorm, but it really is a terrific gift for the phone or music addict in your life, whether a teen or otherwise.

The real question is now what I should be thinking about for the other people on my list. Hmm… maybe a few more audio products from the JBL product catalog…? #GiftingAudio Sweepstakes
#GiftingAudio #CollectiveBias

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