Protecting Your Devices Before It’s Too Late

As a tech product reviewer, I have a lot of expensive devices, and therefore my children also have access to lots of devices too. My 10yo has her own iPod Touch, and both my 14yo and 18yo have iPhone 5s systems. Me? I have an iPhone 6, a Galaxy Note 4, and more tablets than you can shake a stick at, including a full size iPad, iPad Mini and Nexus 9 android tablet. I love ’em all!

Problem is, they don’t always survive life in our test facility (aka household) and while I have certainly paid out of pocket for replacement screens on devices more than once, these devices that we tote around with us have a tendency to fail anyway, sometimes in the most spectacular way.

shattered apple iphone 4s back

Exhibit A: My daughter’s finally-replaced iPhone 4s, pics of which are featured in this article. It’s depressing, but what startled me was that even with — and I’m speaking literally here — chunks of the screen missing on the front and back, the unit still functioned for calls and ran apps. Impressive.

And then there’s the incident that happened when K- excitedly opened the box that my new iPhone 6 was in, just to have the phone jump out of the box and land — screen down, of course! — on the kitchen floor. A total worst case scenario, having it break in the first 30 seconds of ownership, right? Fortunately, it was unscathed, but yikes!

close up, shattered iphone camera

That’s why device insurance can be a very smart purchase. You can get it through your cellular carrier but that’s often quite expensive when you do the math. Enter the amusingly named Protect Your Bubble, with its device insurance. The company offers device insurance that protects all the devices you own, with one call claim resolution and next day replacement for phones and tablets.

The company also offers rental car insurance, travel insurance, renters insurance and ID theft protection, and it’s backed by Assurant, a big player in the industry.

Device insurance. That’s pretty sweet. In fact, I think it’s time I signed up for this myself, if they’ll have me. Goodness knows I have enough devices to justify the monthly expense.

Protect Your Bubble makes it easy to protect the things that matter most to you, with easy to use services, to personal care when you need it most. Visit to learn more and protect what matters most to you!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Protect Your Bubble. The opinions and text are all mine.

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