Surviving all those holiday food fests in style

Okay, I’ve got a slightly awkward topic to address today, gang. Intestinal gas. You know what I’m talking about, we all have this problem at various times, and we’re >cough< aware when those around us have this problem too.

The problem is, so many holiday celebrations are focused on eating, festive family meals, and general over-indulgence. I mean, nothing says Thanksgiving like overeating and then falling into a tryptophan-induced coma while trying not to fall asleep watching a boring football game!

Hannukah? Food. Christmas? Both the night before, the morning breakfast and the afternoon meal. New Years Eve? Alcohol. Oh, okay, that one gets a “pass” from this issue, but still, whatever you celebrate, it likely involves food. And that means it can also potentially involve intestinal gas and bloating, which ain’t no fun regardless of how fabulous the meal was.

And then there are the leftovers…

turkey leftovers w/ charcocaps

Leftovers. Good. Consequences of overindulging day after day? Not so good at all.

Enter CharcoCaps. Just pop two before or during your grand indulgence and you’ll sidestep all the discomfort. And here’s the great part: it’s just activated charcoal, so there are no strange chemicals or mystery ingredients, just a diamond. In the, uhhhh, rough. 🙂

This means that it’s also gluten, dairy and sugar free, so no worries about it ruining your diet (like anyone can stick to a diet during this time of the year).

So enjoy the holidays. Eat without worry! Yes, eat, drink and be merry. Just keep a secret stash of CharcoCaps in your purse or glove compartment and pre-emptively take a few capsules. Not only will you be thankful, but your friends and family will be too. Oh yeah, they really will. Not sure where to pick some up? Here’s a list of retail outlets.

Visit the CharcoCaps® Holiday Eating Survival Guide for quick tips on how to avoid gas and bloat during your holiday festivities, and to enter to win one of five weekly $250 Walmart gift cards for holiday groceries and entertaining essentials! ​

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