Clean Up Your Act with Irish Spring Signature

that top stuff on the pageWhile all of us would like to believe that we smell like fresh linen, a garden full of flowers or something else wonderful, truth be told we humans can end up smelling less than delightful and to make it worse, I know a lot of guys who seems to have jettisoned personal hygiene in favor of efficiency and getting just one more thing done each day. Not an entirely pleasant circumstance, particularly for those around them!

Fortunately, the team at Irish Spring have introduced a new line of personal hygiene products (read “soap, you slob”) for us guys, products that let you zip quickly through your shower, whether at the gym or at home, and still come out smelling like roses, um, mint. Smelling nice.

clean up your act with irish spring signature for men

Better yet, you can be lazy and pick ’em up through by simply going to the online store. Put ’em in your virtual shopping cart, which never has wonky wheels, and you’ll be looking at something like this:

irish spring signature shopping cart

You can also see that it’s not going to break the bank. Seriously, guys, $12.91 including shipping for enough Signature product from Irish Spring to keep you clean and pleasant through the summer. That’s a no brainer.

The products certainly look good in the shower with the vibrant new design and subtle Celtic graphical elements:

irish spring signature for men all in one body wash bottle

Didja catch the “authentic mint extract”? Smells quite nice, actually.

Even better, the bar of soap is “man size”, as you can see with this close up view of the Exfoliating Scrub Deodorant Bar with Shea Butter — Shea butter. What the deuce that is? Is that what players use after a game in Shea Stadium? — on its little metal platform:

a man size bar of soap

As part of this campaign, I even made a video about the Irish Spring Signature for Men series, including video footage of me showering. Don’t freak out, though, it’s still suitable for work. I know, I had my sister check to ensure it was appropriate!

Still, watch at your own risk. By watching the below video you accept all responsibility for any untoward outcome you may have towards your computer, etc etc etc.

As you can see if you watch the video, I go from bed head to quite dapper and ready to take on the day, all in just a few seconds (okay, okay, a few minutes) thanks to the Irish Spring Signature line.

What’s more important is that it’s really nice stuff, easy to use and quite pleasant smelling. And after all, if you have to choose, wouldn’t you rather smell pleasant than whiffy? Yeah, I know you would. And if you wouldn’t, well, how’s life in your cave, all alone with no friends or pets? 🙂

Here’s a fun thing too: Purchase one of the new Irish Spring Signature products and you’ll get $5 off a VUDU purchase! Just take a picture of your receipt and upload it online. Then enjoy your free streaming movie from VUDU.

Now let’s end this thing. Tell me the truth, are you one of those guys who could do with a nudge to improve your personal hygiene or are you a woman who lives with a guy who might just need some enticement to get in the shower and clean up their act? Tell me all about it! Well, as appropriate. You know, this is a family friendly blog, yadda yadda.

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  1. OH my gosh, this was really funny. Why is it that all carts at Walmart have wonky wheels? It’s not just us, right? Thank goodness for the fab Irish Spring Signature products at Walmart now! My husband showers a whole lot more often than I do, so I’m the one with the stinky pits usually. What can I say? I’m not a high maintenance kinda gal. #client

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