Fast5 was indeed fast and easy…

nutrisystem fast5Okay, so I’m officially one week into my Nutrisystem adventure (it starts here: Time to Slim Down with Nutrisystem) and it started with a kick-start called “Fast 5” that really focuses on balancing my glycemic index, or at least that’s what I believe was going on. Definitely didn’t involve Vin Diesel and really fast cars, unfortunately. What proved to be the case is that it ended up being pretty darn little food and, in the interest of going cold turkey with sugar, no fruit at all, which was harder for me than I expected.

The experience of being on the Fast 5 diet was pretty easy, however, because everything’s portioned out and ready to eat so it’s a really zero-braincell solution, which is perfect. I don’t really like to think about what I’m about to eat, I just like to “pull into the fueling station and fill my tank”, if y’know what I mean? So the breakfasts, lunches and dinners worked just fine, and I just ate carrots, celery, snap peas and spinach when I was hungry.

The results are remarkable, as you can see in this graph:

week one weight loss with nutrisystem fast5

In case you can’t quite see the specific data points, I started out a week ago at 269.8 and finished the week at 261.6. That’s a big weight drop in a single week, 7.2 pounds, and it really wasn’t that big a deal thanks to supportive friends and family.

The box that Fast5 comes in warns you that it’s not a healthy diet for the long term, so I really see it as a “boot camp” approach and today starts three months of the regular, easier, Nutrisystem for Men. So I have an afternoon treat, dessert after dinner, and can bring fruit back into my diet too, thankfully, along with nuts, cheese, milk, etc.

And a handy warning for those of you that might go cold into a program like this: easy does it with the raw veggies. I had a pretty big bowl of raw spinach last night and about two hours later was doing Google searches for “alleviate bloating gas from spinach” and finding that there’s a lot written about it because, well, it’s not uncommon. ‘nuf said on that!

Disclaimer: Nutrisystem is sponsoring my program by supplying everything gratis.

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