Got Opinions? Get paid for ’em with

pro opinions logoAs a father, I’m officially anointed as The One With Lots of Opinions, so when an opportunity comes along to join a new Web site and make a few bucks off those opinions, I’m all ears. Well, all opinions. Or opinions about my ears. Or something like that!

The site in question is ProOpinion and it’s pretty darn interesting because in addition to what appear to be merchant-directed surveys, the site also does lots and lots of tiny one or two question mini-surveys and converts much of its generated data into infographics that members can then repost. If nothing else, then, it’s a solid source of a growing pool of infographics perfect for Pinterest, etc.

A mini-survey I found interesting was the answer to the question “Why don’t more people start their own business?” The answers, in order of popularity, were lack of funding (38%), fear of failure (28%), not wanting the stress (10%) and the need for a steady paycheck (21%). If you’re a business blogger, there’s an article ready for writing based just on that simple data snippet.

Here’s a sneak peak at the infographics section too, because it’s also very illustrative:

infographics section of proopinions pro opinions

The site’s aimed at professionals — hence the “pro” in its name — so don’t expect infographics on popular pet names or nail polish colors. These are more useful for presentations to the sales team than to your high school glee club!

ProOpinion is free to join and offers you a chance to become someone in the know about trending business topics, while being paid for providing you opinions. As they say, “Let others learn from your professional audiences expertise while learning and earning for yourself.”

I signed up and the initial survey is rather daunting asking a wide range of questions about cellphone brand, number of children, educational status, job position, etc, but once you get through that flaming hoop, it’s all surprisingly straightforward. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a few to earn a few bucks extra during your lunch break, while watching TV or if you just have some down time.

Your search for research that matters to you stops here – join ProOpinion today.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ProOpinion. The opinions and text are all mine.