My Children’s New Crizal-Lens Glasses

crizal logoBoth of my younger children are supposed to wear reading glasses for close-up work, whether it’s actually sitting and digesting a book or whether it’s arts, crafts or even computer work. Problem is, while both my son and daughter have their prescription glasses, I rarely if ever see them wear them, to the point where I sometimes forget that they have glasses and that I should encourage them to wear ’em to avoid eye fatigue and headaches.

Of course having to encourage them to wear their glasses is a bit wonky because you’d think if they make things clearer, crisper and easier to read, it’d be a no brainer to wear them, but that’s big-person think, not kid think. So their glasses sit, unworn, and my younger kids just compensate for the fuzziness and lack of clarity in their close-up world.

So when Crizal offered to make new glasses for them with Crizal for Kids lenses so we could experience the benefit of the pretty slick glass they use, I thought it’d be worth a shot. And the results are terrific! With their UV protection factors and glare elimination, suddenly my 11yo K- is wearing her new glasses all the time, even when we’re out and about, as you can see from this funny selfie taken at the fabric store.

funny selfie with crizal-lens glasses on

More importantly, they’re now on her face when she’s doing detail work like sewing, which is a really great thing because it helps her focus and remain on-task without the usual eye strain and fatigue.

glasses on while sewing

Crizal lenses are actually another example of the Renaissance of materials that we have all around us and typically don’t think about: they have an effective SPF of 25 (very good for eyes when we’re outside), are water, dust and dirt resistant, scratch resistant, smudge resistant and eliminate glare. All without any visible indication: they just look like clean, crystal-clear glasses.

Oh, and the DKNY frames that my girl picked out for herself? They’re pretty swanky too.

Disclaimer: Crizal paid for the glasses in return for us writing about our experience once they were made and sent to us. Darn nice deal, really.

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