My auto vacation with a BMW 528 from Budget

budget-car-rental-logoWhen you think of renting a car, you probably think of finding something inexpensive, an economy car from the lowest price rental company listed on Travelocity or Expedia. I do that too if I’m heading into town on a business trip and seek to minimize expenses. That’s all good.

But it turns out that a lot of rental companies have pretty, sleek, sexy cars available for rent on a daily basis for not much more than those cheapo economy cars. Not one to turn down some nice wheels for a journey, I coordinated with the team at Budget Rent a Car to experience an auto vacation of my own just last week.

Specifically, I had the pleasure of taking a road trip in a car dramatically different to my usual SUV. The trip started out in Denver, Colorado, and the first leg took us down to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a few days, then back up to Colorado Springs for a few more days at The Broadmoor resort hotel, then finally back to Denver, a week and 1000 miles later.

I rented a black 2014 BMW 528xi, here parked in front of The Broadmoor:

black bmw 528xi 528i in front the broadmoor hotel

You gotta admit, that’s a pretty sweet ride!

In fact, I really enjoyed driving a car far more luxurious and prestigious than my usual Toyota Highlander. I like my car, but knowing that I can rent something sportier, more chic or upscale by popping into Budget, that’s really helpful to know!

And if you explore their offerings, you’ll see that you could rent all sorts of really interesting vehicles, like this sleek Chevy Camaro SS:

chevy camaro camero ss

Or if you’re feeling more rugged, a Ford F150 Supercab:

ford f150 supercab

Or if you’re heading to my home town of Boulder and want to fit in with the greens and the hippies, you can even rent a Toyota Prius:

toyota prius red

In fact, the company’s list of available vehicles is all over the spectrum, über-fuel efficient hybrids, extra tough trucks built for hauling, luxury cars to impress the M&A specialists from Manhattan, a van for the family visit or a sports car to let your inner 18yo spread his wings for a weekend trip. That’s what makes it fun, of course, and you have to admit that compared to all of these gorgeous vehicles, those “economy” rentals are as boring as can be, barely worth the effort to drive.

If you’re tired of your car and have a special event coming up, why not give some serious consideration to an auto holiday with Budget Rent a Car? I did, and it was terrific fun! Next time you’re poised to get yet another economy car, give it a whirl and see what it’s like to have something exotic, even if just for a few days…

Disclaimer: The rental of the BMW 528i was paid by Budget Rent A Car as part of this promotion. All links in this article are also affiliate links: You’ll pay exactly the same price for your rental, but I’ll get a small commission on the transaction. And for that I thank you, dear reader.

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