Rockport DresSports Luxe Giveaway!

Here’s a funny story: I love Rockport shoes and wear them all the time. In fact, I’ve even written about them [My New Favorite Shoes from Rockport] and participated in Rockport media campaigns. The company has perfectly melded the style of dress shoes with the comfort and performance elements of sports shoes. What’s not to love?

Still, when they approached me about helping out with the new DresSports Luxe Collection launch, I had to be candid that while the new shoes were very handsome, the reality is that I never have call to wear dress shoes. In fact, as I write this, I’m wearing a pair of Chaco sandals that are dangling on the ends of my feet.

The shoes themselves are very nice, as you can see in this overview of the DresSports Luxe line:

rockport dressports luxe men's dress shoes line

The pair that caught my eyes, however, were these, the Apron-Toed Oxfords:

rockport apron toed oxford, brown

But what’s the point of getting a pair of shoes you’ll never wear? (yeah, that by itself demonstrates that I’m a guy once and for all, right? 🙂 Sorry Carrie and your Sex And The City compatriots!)

Instead, it’s your lucky day, dear reader, as Rockport is letting me give away a pair of these terrific new DresSports Luxe shoes to one of you!

Before I tell you the details, here’s a pic that shows the hidden sports shoe lurking inside the DresSports Luxe:

the sneaker inside the rockport dressports luxe dress shoe

Based on my experience with other Rockport shoes, they’re going to be crazy comfortable, giving your feet a much needed break and offering a far smarter pair of dress shoes for those of you who live with a suit and tie than the fancy Italian designers, whose shoes can often be cripplingly uncomfortable.

Yeah, whatever. So tell me about the giveaway!

Here’s the deal, dear reader: All you need to do is leave a comment on this article telling me whether you’d be more likely to wear a red power tie or a blue executive tie with a dress shirt and suit?

Oops, you missed the window and many congrats to Robin S. for winning a new pair of Rockport shoes!

So tell me: red tie, or blue tie?

And good luck!

Disclaimer: Rockport sponsored this giveaway. The rules are mine. Your chance of winning is, um, I have no idea. Pretty good, though. 🙂

25 comments on “Rockport DresSports Luxe Giveaway!

  1. I’m a red tie guy. On halloween, If I shave my head and put my suit, I can go as Agent 47. Or normally I can sell really awesome pitches to my directors.

  2. I wear suits and ties so much I would wear them one day with a red tie and another day with a blue tie. Does that give me twice the chances of winning? 😉

  3. Blue, of course. I just bought a pair of Rockports to replace the work shoes I had been wearing for the last year. Rockports are my favorite brand of dress shoes. They are comfortable and look great. And they are one of the few that make dress shoes in wide width, which is becoming harder to find these days.

  4. Answering for my BF who would love these shoes. He would wear blue, for sure. We could hardly find any red in his wardrobe so I guarantee he would wear blue.

  5. I’m usually a blue tie guy rather than a red power tie guy. I tend to prefer a more subtle style. But since I started my own law practice, I don’t wear ties very often anymore.

  6. I usually dress Cali casual nowadays-even in NY-so the official Beatles tie is gone now. But those Rockports look awesome for posing as a grown up in high stakes meetings.

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