My teens want to play Cards Against Humanity. Except…

A funny situation has arisen related to us visiting my son while he’s away from home: I asked him what he’d like me to bring from home and his first request was the rather adult card game Cards Against Humanity. I enjoy the game and the one time my teens and I played, it was quite hilarious (even if they didn’t fully understand every single card) (which I was glad of!).

But the wrinkle is that it’s completely inappropriate for K-, my 11yo, to be even in the room while we’re playing it, and further it really seems to me that my ex wouldn’t enjoy the game much at all either. She doesn’t quite have the right dark, twisted sense of humor and appreciation of the inappropriate to enjoy the game. So after much thought, here’s the email I sent her about the situation:


Do you two know of the game Cards Against Humanity? It’s an R-rated version of Apples to Apples and quite funny if you have a dark and twisted sense of humor. I have enjoyed it with my friends many times and G- asked if we could bring the game up to play while on our visit. A-‘s definitely up for it (they’ve both played it), and I expect it’ll be great entertainment.

Except for K-. It’s completely inappropriate for her, no question. Thing of it is, I also suspect that you wouldn’t enjoy it much either, though it’s quite possible Matt might have fun.

Here’s a very, very mild example of some of the cards in the game where you match white cards against the mad-libs style black card:

Cards Against Humanity

Really, there are cards that are way more crude, scatological and inappropriate than these, in case you’re thinking “oh, that’s not too bad.” 🙂

What I’m wondering is if there’s an hour or two during our visit where you might take K- out for a cup of tea so that the rest of us could play a few rounds of Cards? I’m assuming that Matt has some interest in the game and what I can guarantee will be a laughter-filled interlude with G-?

Thought I’d bring this up prior to us arriving in town. What do you think?

To her huge credit, she said “I’m open to anything”. But will we play? We’ll have to see. I hope we do, though. It’d be, um, a bonding experience, I’m sure…

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard of Cards Against Humanity and you’re not easily upset by blasphemous, scatological or just plain inappropriate humor, I encourage you to check it out.

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