Project Runway Jr? My daughter starts reinventing clothes…

My youngest has the craft bug, just like my sister does. Her school can take a lot of the credit since they do lots of hands-on crafts, including sewing, knitting, crochet and more, but K- has definitely continued down the road to a level of proficiency beyond what her peers in class have attained.

girl sewing with singer stylist sewing machine, close up

Recreating a garment, my daughter practices with her own personal Project Runway.

Ever since Singer kindly sent her a terrific Stylist sewing machine, her projects have slowly become more complicated as her confidence in what she’s doing increases. Kind of exactly what you’d like to see happen, particularly when a child does it themselves (because I’m all left-thumbs when it comes to something like sewing).

This morning I did the laundry — and did I mention recently how much I hate laundry? — and a favorite t-shirt has sadly come to the end of its life, even as a sleep shirt. It’s beyond threadbare, to the point where I’m surprised that the collar hasn’t completely come off in the washing machine as it tumbles around and around.

Instead of tossing it, however, I gave it to K- and said “want the fabric?” She looked at it and asked if instead I want her to fix it. “Fix it? It’s threadbare! How can you fix it?” She smiled.

After some negotiation we decided that it becoming a sleeveless “muscle” shirt would be a fine second life for the garment and she got to work with scissors and the Singer machine. At this point I’m not sure what the end product is going to be as it’s still in process, but regardless, it’s quite impressive to see her so industriously hacking and reinventing apparel.

Next stop, Project Runway? Maybe. Just maybe. After all, it is a favorite show of hers…

Meanwhile, I’m just proud and very happy to watch her work, whatever the outcome.

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