Upgrading my shoes with Rockport on #MyDailyAdventure

dave taylor wearing hoodie and rockport chukka shoesFor a guy who tends to wear sneakers or boat shoes most of the year, it’s a bit of a puzzle how I became a part of the Rockport Inner Circle, but it has given me a splendid opportunity to upgrade my footwear and thereby my image a bit. It’s the curse of the solopreneur: when you don’t have an office and don’t have a boss, you tend to forget that “the clothes make the man” and that “appearances count” and that “dress for success” applies to everyone in the business world, not just those suited execs on Wall Street.

So for that I’m thankful, as are my friends and colleagues! 🙂

Rockport has an extensive line of dress shoes for men and women, and this time they extended the offer of new shoes to my daughter too, which was quite generous of them. After a lovely time perusing their online catalog, A-, 18, settled on the Chelsea Boot, and I picked out the dark blue Chukka shoes because they look rather like the boat shoes I favor, just in a cheery blue.

When they arrived we were both delighted and immediately had to find a spot in Boulder where we could do a mini-photo shoot. Since I’m alway happy to get photos of my daughter before she heads out for college and her adult life, I was quickly ready to go, though my idea of “dress up for the shoot” was to grab a hoodie. Go figure.

Without further ado then, here’s how Our Daily Adventure shaped up, starting with A- sporting her snazzy new boots:

ashley with rockport chelsea boots

Since this post is about shoes, though, let’s zoom in:

swanky rockport chelsea boots close up

Nice boots, aren’t they?

Here are my Chukka shoes, somewhat less formal:

rockport chukka, blue

Honestly, with this pose, I don’t see much of a future for myself as a foot model, but that’s okay because the end result is that I now have a pair of shoes that are so comfortable that it feels like I’m cheating and walking around in slippers. Yes, they’re that flexible and comfortable, and plenty stylish enough for that weekend at The Hamptons or some yachting with the Kennedy clan…

As for A-, she says “they’re now my favorite pair of boots! I really like the color because they go with anything. Plus they dress up an outfit and that’s always good.”

More importantly, our daily adventures aren’t really so adventurous, but sometimes just feeling a bit better about your appearance and wearing some truly comfortable shoes can make a dull, pedestrian day turn into a walk in the park.

Didja see what I did there with those metaphors? Sneaky, eh? 🙂

Disclosure: Rockport sent us both shoes without charge as part of this promotional campaign.

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