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Tom Brady autographed jerseyI have buddies with comic book collections, penguin collections, computer collections and even sock collections, and my youngest is racing to collect every possible stuffed animal in existence, but I have to admit, I never got the bug, I’m not much of a collector. But I can appreciate really interesting memorabilia and collectibles and have definitely enjoyed perusing online auction catalogs and exploring thrift stores throughout the country.

The problem with collectibles nowadays is authenticity. You know what I mean if you’ve ever looked on eBay for a signed  something-or-other. A concert program signed by the musician? A book signed by the author? A magazine cover embossed with the subject’s likeness and their signature? Maybe, maybe not.

Smart collectors know that the name of the game is certificates of authenticity, a way to prove that when you’re buying something, signed or otherwise, it really is what you think it is — and are paying a premium for too.

That’s one reason that I really enjoyed the few hours I spend browsing the online catalog and auction catalog at Steiner Sports. Based in New Rochelle, New York, they have a huge inventory of authentic collectibles, many of which are are surprisingly affordable prices.

For example, check out this LIFE magazine cover signed by Mickey Mantle, one of the most influential baseball players in the history of the game:

LIFE magazine, 1965, signed by Mickey Mantle

Here’s the shocker: current bid is $22. Not $22,000, just $22. Now I expect it’ll close higher, but imagine something like this as a present for the sports fan in your life? Killer.

Prefer a more recent ballplayer? How about this Sports Illustrated magazine cover signed by Derek Jeter:

sports illustrated signed by derek jeter

Current bid? $100.

Prefer not to do auctions but instead just know what you’re buying? Steiner Sports has that covered too, with a bias towards New York teams. Like the NY Rangers. Check out this sweet game puck:

ny rangers actual game used puck hockey

That one was used in the October 25, 2015 game vs. the Flames, the very puck that flew into the net when Klein scored for the Rangers. That’s $99.99.

My sport’s soccer, and they have a rather curious collection, mostly of Team USA Women’s World Cup memorabilia, like this cheery red Team USA soccer ball autographed by Hope Solo:

soccer ball signed by hope solo

Her inscription says “My goal is to stop yours!”, which is great. It’s a bit more spendy at $179, but still, that’s not too bad at all for authentic memorabilia.

There’s more on the Steiner Sports site to explore, and everything comes with that precious certificate of authenticity, so you can peruse knowing that you’re not going to be ripped off (cough ebay cough). Check it out for yourself, or for that sports fan in your life.

Disclosure: Steiner Sports sponsored this post.

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