Do You Store Food in Your Microwave Too?

With pets in the mix, it’s always a bit problematic to keep food in the kitchen if it isn’t going to be stored in the pantry or the fridge. Years ago we realized that the easy solution is to simply store the food, snacks, cookies and related in the microwave oven so that once the door’s closed it’s completely mischief-pet safe.

I can hear you saying “just train your pets not to get on the counter” but, of course, it’s about what happens when we’re not around much more than when we are also in the kitchen or near it, able to say “Shoo!” if one of our pesky (uh, “playful”) cats jumps up and explores what’s in the sink, on the counters and left half-eaten by one or more children. I also believe that anyone who is training a cat is a very optimistic person indeed, but that’s another story!

Most recently, I negotiated a deal with my 12yo daughter that if she kept up the good work with our morning departure for school being easy and punctual I’d let her have a donut with her breakfast, but a donut that we had to split across a few mornings. Where to store the uneaten portion?

And then there was the huge batch of cookies she’d made as she loves baking (Food Channel, are you listening?) and short of us getting a huge sugar rush, she produces sweet baked goods way faster than we can eat it!

Where to store all of this? Why, the microwave oven, of course:

food stored in microwave oven

Of course, what I’m not showing here is the set of cookie sheets we have stored in the regular oven too. That’s about it for our weird storage spots, however, though I still wish I had a better place to keep bread that didn’t involve it being chilled in the fridge.

But I can’t be alone in using my kitchen appliances for storage, am I?

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