The Latest Parenting Trend: 3d Printed Fetuses

This has to go into the “what the hell?” category: According to popular English Web site Channel Mum, 3D printed fetuses based on the data from ultrasound scans is the most popular trend in parenting for 2016 based on their extensive member survey. In fact, there are now multiple companies that offer the service both in the UK and here in the United States too.

It’s simple enough, the companies take multiple ultrasound photos and convert them into 3D models, which are then 3D printed into life-size plastic replicas, costing about $250 for a printed bust or up to $500 — or more — for a full-size 8-inch body with skin tone designed to match that of the parents. For real. Check out Wolfprint’s 3D baby sculptures, for example, offering a 3d print of “the little citizen of the world who is still hidden in the mother’s womb.”

3d printed fetus, held by pregnant mother

I find this completely mind-boggling, but according to Channel Mum, when 1000 members were surveyed, a remarkable 27% said they would consider getting a 3D model of their baby. Site founder Siobhan Freegard said “Modern mums and dads want to enjoy every experience of pregnancy and parenting, but also have a solid way to remember it that others can be part of it too.”

Even the mums who are getting these sculptures recognize it’s a bit odd, though. Mum to be Hannah Bramley shared “I cried when I saw it for the first time. I had 3D scans done with both of my older boys but this was totally different. It’s impossible to explain. You can touch it. My sister thought it was freaky, but I think it’s amazing. It feels like she’s already here. It’s strange, but I do probably feel closer to her than I did to my other babies when I was pregnant.”

I don’t know, somehow it seems like we’re talking about the creepiest paperweight every made.

And the other hot parenting trends from the site? Granny Adoption, a Heartbeat Recording Kit, Dad labor videos, Breast Friend Nursing and names from Star Wars, of all things. Rey? Finn? Your time has come. Perhaps initially as a 3D printed fetus.

Here’s the full list, an entertaining video from Channel Mum:

But seriously, am I the only one who thinks it’s more than a bit weird? Can’t wait until it shows up in a future horror film…

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