My daughter catered our Super Bowl party

turkey chili in a slow cooker crock-potI have to admit up front that I’m not a huge fan of American football, and everyone who knows me knows that’s because I am an enthused devotee of English soccer. In fact, I’m a life-long fan and supporter of the Tottenham Hotspurs, a London-based team that my father, my uncles and my cousins all follow too. Legacy.

Still, when the home team Denver Broncos are heading to the biggest football game in the world, Super Bowl 50, it’s hard to avoid wanting to support the boys as they head onto the field of battle.

A perfect excuse for a party and indeed the evening after the Broncos won the Playoffs game I sent out an invite to a few dozen friends inviting them over to my place for a Super Bowl party. After all, even if the game itself wasn’t going to be entirely gripping at least we’d be able to watch the high-priced commercials together. [Tip: You can read about my picks for best and worst Super Bowl 50 commercials online!] So people RSVP’d and we had the makings of a party all lined up for Super Bowl Sunday. But what about food?

Fortunately, K-, my 12yo, has been obsessively watching The Food Network for months and months now, especially Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars and the Kids’ Baking Championship, as well as watching me and her big sister A- when we’re cooking. I was determined to crack open our new Crock-Pot and try a slow-cooker chili recipe too, so was not entirely unhappy when she said “Dad, I’ll take over all the cooking!”

And darned if she didn’t, helping me find a great turkey chili recipe off and whipping together a huge batch of orange and blue cupcakes to go with ’em.

Here’s the photographic proof:

my daughter cupcakes cupcake wars blue orange super bowl

After the photo, she actually added a small garnish to each one, a blueberry or blackberry, depending on the frosting color. We debated the color, actually, as she could have made them even more blue and orange — closer to the team colors — but since it was just food coloring, we decided that it was smarter to have them a bit more pastel in palette.

Needless to say, the chili was a huge hit — we had no leftovers! — and the cupcakes were enthusiastically consumed by all in attendance.

Now, what other parties can I host where my young chef in the making can cater? Hmm…


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