Living the Tangram Life with the Kia Sportage

3d wood tangram puzzle cubeI’ve traveled so much in my life that I tend to really travel light, each time I get home evaluating whether I used everything that was in the suitcase for a trip and constantly seeking to shed additional gear and wardrobe options in the interest of being as streamlined as possible. While I’m Super Dad in that regard 🙂 that is not always true of the rest of my family and many is the time when I’ve stood at the back of our vehicle, surrounded by mountains of luggage and no clue how to fit it all into the car.

It kind of reminds me of one of those IQ tests, a Tangram. But a 3D Tangram, where it’s more of a puzzle cube and if you can just place everything in the optimal location, you’ll be able to get it all to fit in the back of the vehicle, but any one item out of place and you’ll have a suitcase on someone’s lap. I used to like these sort of puzzles, actually, so maybe that’s why I’m not particularly intimidated by the challenge.

Then again, I also remember my Father-in-Law having a really annoying habit of unpacking and repacking the trunk or back of any vehicle he was about to get into, a cause of sporadic consternation when we’d take a road trip. I got to the point where I’d just know it was going to happen and not put suitcases in at all, just leave them on the ground surrounding the trunk, ready for his machinations!

Sometimes, however, you have to just make it work. In particular I remember a great suitcase challenge when it was me, all three kids, my girlfriend and we picked up my sister at the airport to join us. A lot of suitcases. Sort of like what’s going on here with Patrick from LifeOfDad:

Patrick Quinn of Life Of Dad loads up a Kia Sportage

Patrick’s in front of a Kia Sportage and he’s just utilized a really cool feature: The Kia Liftgate has a sort of “wave your foot to open” sensor that’s just under the back bumper. You do need the key in your pocket for it to work, but you can easily imagine that if you are completely loaded down with suitcases, skiis, surfboards, groceries or other gear, being able to wave your foot to open the liftgate is a huge win.

I’ve driven the Kia Sportage too and it’s a very nice SUV, comfortable and, yes, with a decent amount of luggage storage. Thank goodness, especially when you are faced with one of these luggage nightmares. It’s a snazzy looking vehicle:

2016 Kia Sportage (red)

Kia undoubtedly has us Dads in mind with the liftgate and its storage space design too, and with its safety features and other slick technology (I’m a gadget guy, I love all the tech in modern cars!) the Kia line might just surprise you with its quality and finish, definitely worth checking out when you’re in the market for your next vehicle. Heck, I’d suggest you bring a van full of suitcases and when you test drive the Kia Sportage, you tell the sales person that you need to test the luggage holding capacity and then have some fun trying to get it all to fit!

Kia was also a sponsor of the Dad 2.0 Summit I attended a month or so ago in Washington DC, during which time they interviewed a bunch of Dads about cars, safety, and the like. Here’s the result, three delightful and entertaining videos for your viewing pleasure:

What’s the Best Part of Being a Dad?

Kia Dads Are Our Everyday Heroes

#KiaDads Come Together to Redefine “Dadding”

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Kia for this particular promotion.

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