Happy Facebook Father’s Day…

happy facebook logo father's dayGot some interesting data from Facebook about Father’s Day. Check it out: on Father’s Day 2015, nearly 200 million people had 1.2 billion interactions on Facebook around the cultural moment. This year you’ll be able to use custom Father’s Day stickers too. If you’re into Facebook stickers, that is.

Facebook Groups can also be a good resource for finding a “virtual village” to provide support and advice in this crazy fatherhood adventure. Facebook recently launched Groups Discover, which allows users to browse public and closed groups in 25 different categories and provides spotlighted groups that best fits each user’s interests. Facebook says that Parenting is the very first tab but when I tried it out, well, my first tab is “Neighborhood & Community”. Maybe Facebook thinks I don’t need a parenting group?

Here are a few Facebook groups that can provide an online community for the range of fatherhood needs, as recommended by the Facebook Groups Discover feature:

· Becoming Dad – Dads Only – 5,400+ members – This group is part of the Becoming Dad movement and is a place for expectant and new dads to be connect, learn, share, celebrate, ask and be supported. Experienced or ‘veteran’ dads are welcome and play an important role here.

· Single Dads/Fighting Fathers – The Man Cave – 5,230 members – This is our Man cave!! we come here to talk about what we can only talk about with the other fathers!

· NEW DADS PLACE, a *Dads Only* Supportive Dads Group – 2,000 + members – A closed group for new dads to share privately, safely, in conjunction with the NEW DADS PLACE page.

· Dads Married to Doctors Group – 1,718 members – A forum for us guys that have the honor and privilege of being married to Physicians and helping raise kids while either staying at home or working.

· Dads of twins – 1,130 members – A group where dads of twins can talk to other dads of twins and share advice or there stories.

· Daddys with Angels – 718 members- Many men, grandfathers, dads, uncles, brothers suffer the loss of a child. You can rant or be sad. and you don’t need to worry about the language you use. You will not be criticized in this group.

I’m in a couple of different Facebook Dad groups worth mentioning too: Dad Bloggers and the National At-Home Dad Network.

Point being, if you’re a father, Father’s Day is a good day to find some other Dads to learn from / commiserate with on Facebook!

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