Treat Your Digestive System to Healthy Probiotics

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While it would be great for me to report that I eat three uber-healthy meals every single day the fact is that like most people there’s a gap between my intentions and the reality of my day-to-day diet. Salads and veggie-filled burritos balance out the occasional burger and fries or snack while gaming, hiking or bicycling. You know, normal adult eating for people who are a bit too busy to dedicate an hour or more in the kitchen every morning or evening.

Mostly that works fine for me, but sometimes the digestive system isn’t quite as happy as it otherwise could be, and to compensate I have been taking Sundown Naturals® Probiotics to help with the balance and effectiveness of my stomach and overall digestive system. As a bonus, they’re gummies and are roughly each the size of a blueberry, as my dramatic art photo highlights:

sundown naturals probiotics with blueberries

But if you’re like most people, you’re wondering “what the heck is a probiotic?” and I had the same question too, so I checked online sources to find out. Sundown Naturals® explains that probiotics are live microorganisms and that the gummies are a way to get friendly bacteria for your digestive system. Sounds pretty important!

The other thing I learned on the site is that not every probiotic can survive the rigors of being turned into a gummy and that the Probiotic Gummies feature a strain called Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2 that actually occurs naturally in your intestinal “microflora”. Seems a bit odd to have microflora in my intestine, since I have visions of a tiny field of flowers, but if that’s how it’s supposed to work, well, then that’s what it is!

If you decide to supplement your diet with a probiotic, the question then becomes which to take? There are a lot of options in the market, but my rule with anything I’m going to eat is to err on the side of the healthiest possible choice. That’s where Sundown Naturals® wins: The probiotic gummies have no dairy, no artificial flavors, no fish, no artificial sweetener, no soy, are non-GMO and gluten free ◊. Basically, a lotta no:

sundown naturals label ingredients

Heck, they even use naturally sourced colors so there’s no worry about strange dyes showing up.

sundown naturals probiotic with carrots

And don’t worry, you don’t have to go into some weird natural foods store staffed by hippies who didn’t get the memo that it’s no longer the 1960’s: You can pick up any of the wide variety of Sundown Naturals® adult gummies — including Calcium, Fiber, Fish Oil, Melatonin and Multivitamins — at your local Walmart, or, in my case, Walmart Neighborhood Market. In fact, it’s impossible to miss the big orange shelf area.

In a perfect world, I’d have a personal chef who would whip up delicious, nutritious and perfectly balanced meals for me every single day. Until that happens, however, a few Sundown Naturals® Adult Probiotic Gummies is a simple, easy and effective way to ensure that my digestive system is in good shape and supporting my active lifestyle.

To illustrate in a photo:

sundown natural probiotic gummies & chocolate cake

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