Review: Watchitude Kid Watches

Watching relatively little television my 12yo daughter is blissfully clueless about most modern tween and teen trends and I end up knowing more about things than she does because of my media consumption. When we watch a rare Disney TV show or similar the adverts feel very alien and it’s extraordinarily rare that anything pings her radar and makes her shift into acquisition mode. Not quite 13, she’s already very focused on fashion and makeup, but more teen than dress up. I blame her older sister for waking her up to all of this, but that’s another story! 🙂

In any case, when children’s watch company Watchitude contacted me and said that the watches they have are quite the trendy thing for tweens and teens, I showed the wide array of designs on their Web site to my daughter without any expectations.

And she loved them!

watchitude sellar design

The challenge was to narrow it down to just two designs, because I was sure if I asked the company to send us every single design that they offer, it’d be overwhelming both for them and for us when the box showed up!

After some debate, she narrowed down her choices to #252 Stellar (above) and #236 Liquify (below).

watchitude liquify

What you can’t really tell from the photos is that what makes these watches fun, kid friendly and trendy is that they’re also “slap bracelets”: the band portion of the watch can be flattened out to be straight, as you can see in this photo:

slap watch - watchitude

To put them on, you simply “slap” them onto your wrist and they curl around snugly, all ready to go. No fasteners, no adjustments, no “prong” to get into the hole on the band.

When the company will come out with Apple Watch-compatible slap bands they haven’t said, but I can hold out hope, right? I mean, this would be great!

You can see that each watch face is designed to match the pattern of the band and that the company has done a great job keeping the fun and lively patterns and bright color theme.

Indeed, the biggest complaint that my daughter had after a few days of wearing one is that the watch face itself is thick and sticks out too much from the band when worn. You can see what she means in this side shot:

watchitude watch side view

They are thick, particularly for petite little children’s wrists, but I expect that slimming down the face would cost more and one thing that Watchitude has gotten right is the price point: They retail for $29.99 but are routinely priced on Amazon at $21.99 with free shipping. An easy stocking stuffer!

Overall, though, these are really fun budget fashion watches for the tween and teen set, and the array of designs is enough that even the pickiest shopper will find something to love. You can see ’em all at or go to the Watchitude site for bigger images.

Disclaimer: Watchitude sent two of these watches to us for my daughter to try on and evaluate. Nice!

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