A Grab-bag of Great Men’s Gifts

As a so-called influencer, I get all sorts of interesting things in the mail, products, gear, gadgets and other things that are interesting to open but ultimately end up in the box of unwanted toys. Think Toy Story 3, perhaps. Still, sometimes things show up that surprise me and prove to be far cooler than I realized when I first popped open the box. And so it was with the Babbleboxx that I received in return for my sharing my thoughts with you. Included in the box was a tank-top and shorts from 2(x)ist, a great Casio Edifice watch, an elegant Spire wearable fitness tracker and some Old Spice products, presumably to help me look good after I’ve had my 2(x)ist wearing, Spire tracking workout.

Here’s everything in a neat display so you can get a sense of this terrific gift box:

babbleboxx loot contents, casio, spire, old spice, 2(x)ist

Let’s start with the absolute home-run out of the gifts: The Casio watch.


This is a sorta smart watch in that it has a companion app and pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphone. But the functionality is more related to data sharing and time sync, setting a second world clock, etc. Unlike my Apple Watch, there are no notifications, it doesn’t buzz when you get a text message, it’s really pretty clueless about your digital life. Which is awesome after spending months being notified non-stop because of my smart watch.

Instead, the Edifice EQB500 is a classic men’s steel chronograph, water resistant t0 100 meters, with a second time face, 1/1000th of a second-accurate stopwatch and recurring alarm features. Which are all secondary to its appearance and heft:

casio edifice eqb 500 men's watch

It’s big. It’s not for children’s wrists or most slim wrists. On the other hand, two people have said “Oh, I thought it was a Rolex” when I showed it to them, which is pretty darn nice. Look closely above and it has all the classic features, including day of week (see the lower right inner dial hand is pointing to “M” for Monday), week of the month (“12”). What you can’t see is that it’s solar powered. I don’t really know how that works, but all you have to do is be in direct sunlight occasionally for 15-30min and your watch will run forever.

Mostly what I am really taken by with the Casio Edifice EQB500 is the look, however. After wearing the smaller, geeky Apple Watch for over a year, it’s a nice respite to go back to a classic men’s watch, to not have it buzz, vibrate, beep, show tiny notification messages or anything else. It just tells the time. And looks really good on my wrist.

You can learn more about the Edifice EQB500 at Fred Meyer Jewelers, among other places. MSRP: $380.


The next tech item in the box was the extraordinarily well designed Spire wearable wellness tracker. It’s the first device I’ve ever received that’s ‘washing machine safe’.  Not only that, the packing design is a standout, one of the nicest boxes I’ve seen:

spire wellness tracker box

Doesn’t that just ooze zen? Clip it onto your belt and it just looks like, well, a rock:

spire wellness tracker on pants jeans

But this little rock has some nifty tricks hidden in its rough exterior because, when paired with your smartphone, it offers up the ability for you to track your breathing patterns and offer up guided meditations (through the app). Yes, it’s a rock, but it’s a smart rock. If there is such a thing! 🙂

Learn more about the Spire Wearable Wellness Tracker online. MSRP: $99 with wireless charging unit included.


I hit the gym 3-4 times a week and generally wear the same cheap shorts and t-shirt I bought years ago. Problem is, activewear and athletic clothes have evolved in that time, and the 2(x)ist gear highlighted that for me with its moisture wicking fabric and modern design. Disappointingly, however, they were too small for me to wear so I just got to look at them and wish I was shorter and slimmer so I could toss ’em on for my next workout. You can see what I mean:

2xist activewear shorts shirt

You can learn more at the 2(x)ist Web site. Prices vary.


Worked up a sweat reading about these cool new men’s gift choices? I can’t blame you. So what better stocking stuffer for yourself or the man in your life than a classic scent deodorant and matching hair pomade so you’ll always look slick, stylish and fashionable?

old spice products

Not sure what the secret statement is when they send me extra strong anti-perspirant / deodorant but it might be smart for me to pop off now and have a quick shower!

Disclosure: All of these products were supplied to me for free in return for me trying them out and sharing them with you. Sweet. This post is also sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Single Edition Media.

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