How to Match Your Shirt & Tie

I don’t wear a lot of ties, though I have a remarkable collection of them in my closet. I do wear a lot of button down shirts, so when I do want to upgrade and go the shirt-and-tie route, it’s not always easy to figure out the best pairing of the two. Does a patterned tie work with a patterned shirt? Can I wear a tie that’s the same basic color as the shirt without looking like a 70’s mobster? And how long and wide should the tie be, for that matter?

Fortunately, I bumped into this terrific Jacamo UK infographic that clears it all up and so I’m sharing this with you for your own bespoke edification and so that I have a copy of it I can reference next time I need to up my wardrobe with a tie:

how to match shirt and ties

Got all that? Good. Now, let’s make sure you’re looking as swanky and chic as possible next time you decide to pair your shirt with a tie. Then we can talk about your shoes…

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