Game Review: Box of Rocks Trivia Game

box of rocks trivia gameSo you think you’re so darn smart, do you? Good at trivia and extraordinarily well informed about world events and contemporary history? Then Hasbro and Haywire Group have the perfect game for you and your mates to test your trivia savvy: Box of Rocks.

Yes, it will answer the age old question are you smarter than a box of rocks??

In fact, it’s a really simple trivia game perfect for families or for when you’re sitting at the bar with a few mates, and can even be played solo if you’re stuck and sadly have no actual friends.

The game consists of 100 trivia cards with three questions on each. Every answer is the value 0, 1 or 2, and you guess your answer to the question, then drop two rocks into the box, shake it up and see what the random rock answer is. Flip the card over and the winner gets a point and advances on the scorecard. That’s it. Easy. First to get three points wins!

Let’s look a bit closer, though, shall we? Let’s start with the question cards. Here are three typical cards:

hasbro box of rocks trivia cards

The instructions say that you should randomly pick one question from the card and read it to the group but if that’s stressful you could always go through all the “A”s, then “B”s, etc. But it’s a fun, silly party game, are you really stressed about this kind of thing? 😛

A good example is the first question on the leftmost card: “Besides the United States, how many countries do not use the metric system today?” Remember, the answer is going to be 0, 1 or 2. You guess your answer, then place the two rocks in the game box, shake it up and open the box to see what the rocks think is the answer:

rocks guess 2 - box of rocks trivia game

Two? Really, rocks? I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘1’, actually. Flip over the card and… the darn rocks are right! As the obverse of the card informs us, “2. Myanmar and Liberia are the only other holdouts.”

So it’s rocks +1 and humans +0. A bit disheartening, but I dutifully move the rock token forward on the scorecard:

box of rocks trivia game score card

Really, really lightweight, silly and fun. In fact, Box of Rocks Trivia Game is a great go-to game for families and perfect for playing after you order a meal and are waiting in the restaurant for the kitchen to cook it all up, or on a train or airport waiting room. Simple, no heavy rules, and super easy for other people to join in and kibbutz their favorite answer to a question.

Let’s leave this with another question: “Of the three Earp brothers present at the OK Corral fight, how many were shot?” You know, right? I mean, you’re surely smarter than a box of rocks??

Box of Rocks Trivia Game from Hasbro Games and Haywire Games. $14.99 at Haywire Group or elsewhere online. 

Disclosure: Hasbro sent us Box of Rocks as part of the Hasbro Party Crate for the purposes of this writeup and review.

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