A Day In The Life with Nutrisystem

This is my fifth week with Nutrisystem and so far it’s going pretty darn well. I’m down just about 12 pounds in that time and hoping I can keep the trend of 1-2 pounds/week. As with every change in eating, the first week on Nutrisystem tends to be a jump out of the starting line: I lost about 6 pounds in my first week, which was pretty nice!

My goal is to lose 25 pounds in the three months I anticipate being with Nutrisystem and then hopefully continue to lose weight thereafter as I learn from the program. For example, it’s pretty clear that my standard approach to eating is to “back weight” my food intake but the NS way is to front-load calories. Breakfast is a main food plus a protein, for example, but dinner is just an entree and veggies. Big breakfast, small dinner. I’ll just keep repeating that as my mantra 🙂

I don’t sit by a kitchen all day to prep food, however, so while I’m helping my daughter get ready for school and prepare her lunch, I also plan out my own food and snacks for the day. I thought it’d be interesting to show how I did that this morning.

The center of the planning is the cool NuMi app [iphone and android] which gives me a template to fill out:

nutrisystem numi app - today's menu

You can see my caloric quota for each day is 1500 calories. The FDA recommends I should be eating about 2200 calories/day, so that differential is the basis for my weight loss. The math’s easy, actually.

A tap on the “+” adjacent to “Power Fuel” and I can type in something like “cheese” to see what options it knows about:

nutrisystem numi - cheese

Turns out I have become a fan of string cheese. Portable, clean, easy, and it’s on the menu too. A tap and it’s on my menu. The fun really begins when you choose a Nutrisystem Entrée, however, as shown:

nutrisystem numi - scan barcode

Every single Nutrisystem food has a barcode, and the scanner is super fast and accurate, so it’s easy to have a Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet for breakfast and add it to my daily NuMi menu both:

nutrisystem numi omelete

Finally, after just a minute or two of planning and pulling things together, here’s everything I’ll be eating between when we left the house immediately after breakfast and dinnertime, when we’ll be home again:

a day of food and snacks - nutrisystem

Lunch is usually a bit more glamorous than a protein bar, but there’s plenty to munch on, including an apple, a hard boiled egg (yeah, not yet peeled), raisins and some sweet peppers. All in all, not too bad at all, and if I’m desperately hungry, plenty of places have salads with vinaigrette… 🙂

Disclosure: I have received all of my products from Nutrisystem for review purposes and that my opinions are 100% my own. As is always the case.

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