Waist-ing Away with Nutrisystem

With apologies to Jimmy Buffet, this is the first week I have actually noticed a reduction in waist size, which is reasonable given that I’ve lost about 14 pounds in the 5 1/2 weeks I’ve been on the Nutrisystem program. My goal is 25 pounds, but my real goal would be to lose more than that. I don’t have a desire to be skinny or scrawny, but it’d be nice to err on the side of being slim rather than otherwise.

In previous weeks I’ve written about eating on the road, the ease of prepared meals, and even how I spice things up to make the cuisine interesting. This week I wanted to just share a tiny bit of my daily life on the NS program. To start, here’s my belt buckle:

belt cinched tight

What I noticed this week was that I can’t actually make my belt any tighter. It’s at max tightness for its size and I’m going to have to trim the leather itself to allow me to have it keep everything snug. This is so not a problem. 🙂

This evening, my dinner courtesy of Nutrisystem was “Chicken Alfredo”, as the box shows:

nutrisystem chicken alfredo box

Their serving suggestion is to add a bit of pepper. We can do better than that, however. I added some fresh, crunchy broccoli and a very generous dash or three of Sriracha hot sauce:

chicken alfredo + hot sauce and broccoli - nutrisystem

Looks quite a bit better, if I say so myself. Again, the idea here is that just because the Nutrisystem food has a certain flavor palette, doesn’t mean you aren’t free to tweak things, add spices, veggies and similar, to make it your own. I do the same thing when I toss a handful of blueberries or similar into my chocolate shake some mornings. Simple addition, adds a lot to the flavor and enjoyment.

And then there are the Nutrisystem snacks that I actually really enjoy way too much. Like buttered popcorn:

butter flavor popcorn, nutrisystem, in bowl

Not a bad size bowl of tasty popcorn for an evening movie or the latest episode of my fave TV show!

And so ends another week on Nutrisystem. I’m losing weight and generally finding the entire experience quite easy and painless. One more trick I’m learning too: later at night I’m heading upstairs to read in bed rather than staying in the main area and getting the munchies. I know from experience that it’s those late night snacks that are my downfall anyway, so this is an easy way to sidestep it and catch up on some good reading both. Darn handy, that.

Disclosure: I have received all of my products from Nutrisystem for review purposes and that my opinions are 100% my own. As is always the case.

One comment on “Waist-ing Away with Nutrisystem

  1. Looking good!

    I am again on the Losing weight kick.

    Taking 40 minutes to exercise everyday on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes plus a 10 minute warmup. Exercise is a tiny part of losing weight. I am writing down everything I eat (or estimating when I go out) and trying to eat under my allotted calories for the day. I’ve thought about Nutri-system, but I do all the cooking for my wife and I, she’s gluten and dairy free, my son is super picky, and I don’t want to have to make a third round of meals for everybody. (I do 2 now– my wife and I, and my son. Although occasionally there’s overlap)

    Anyway, it seems to be working for you!

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