Cut The Nighttime Glare With Night Drivers

Disclosure:This post was sponsored by Night Drivers as part of an influencer activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are, however, my own. But you already knew that!

I drive a lot. That’s not news given that I’m both a car reviewer and parent. Miles and miles, back and forth, taking the girl to school or heading to my own events or favorite venues. I can remember my Dad talking about his older friends didn’t much like driving at night because of the glare of all the lights and always thought “yeesh, you gotta be pretty old to get to that point. Not liking driving?”

Zoom forward a few years and I’ve been noticing that I don’t enjoy driving at night as much as I used to. Not in urban areas where it’s well lit, that’s easy enough, and of course highway driving is straightforward. But still. I have to admit that the glare of the oncoming headlights is more annoying and distracting than it was ten or twenty years ago, and when I extrapolate forward a decade, well, driving at night might end up a bit problematic.

That’s why I was the perfect person to receive a review pair of Foster Grant Night Drivers glasses. Available in a wide variety of styles, I channeled my inner 80’s mod for the pair I had them send me, as you’ll see. What’s interesting is that the yellow lens of these glasses enhances contrast while the anti-reflective coating is surprisingly effective in blocking glare from headlights.

You can see that in this photo I took:

foster grant night drivers

Can you see how the headlights of the SUV within the glasses frame are more muted and less intense than the other vehicles in the photo? The experience is just like that when wearing them too, and it’s nice.

Turns out that there are global traffic light standards, which I never knew, but no worries, turns out that the Night Drivers pass the standard handily. Still not entirely sure what that means – perhaps that you can still differentiate green from red lights – but if you find these useful and beneficial for night driving, then you can wear them safely and legally anywhere in the world.

I know, you’re asking What does Dave look like when he’s wearing these funky yellow glasses?

the author with foster grants night drivers

See what I mean? Ready for the Mod Squad, I’d say!

Whimsy aside, however, these Night Drivers really do make a difference in nighttime driving, particularly if you’re bothered by the headlights of cars coming towards you. Definitely worth checking out, and not only that, but if you use my discount code of NDI-1 you can save a sweet 50% on the purchase!

Check out Night Drivers for yourself, let me know what you think.

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