Good Day Chocolate: The BEST Way to Take Vitamin D

good day chocolatesWhile there are big pharma companies encouraging us to get a flu shot it turns out that there’s some interesting research that suggests dosing up on something as simple as Vitamin D can significantly help you fight off that nasty influenza bug. For example, one researcher points out that “there is a seasonality to influenza that correlates well with the seasonal drop in vitamin D levels” while another observes that “some studies have shown that there is a link between vitamin D status and the risk of developing influenza. People who have low vitamin D levels may have an increased risk of developing influenza.”

There’s also reason to believe that it might not be a cure-all or magic bullet, as CNN reports from other research: “the results suggest that raising vitamin D levels above average doesn’t provide additional protection against colds”. Either way, though, clearly having a deficiency in Vitamin D is a bad idea during flu season, and this year it’s particularly virulent. I definitely don’t have time to get sick, that’s for sure. But vitamins. Seems dull and pedestrian to pop a pill.

Enter my friends at Good Day Chocolate, a great Boulder food startup that is working at the intersection of medicinals and chocolate. They’re what? I can hear you say. They make products that tie together medicinal ingredients and tasty chocolates, a range that includes energy, sleep, calm and turmeric. The full lineup also includes Vitamin D3 and probiotics now, and they’re all in cute little packaging:

good day chocolates

The above is a gift box that the company sent me so I could try the newest of their choices: Probiotics. Given that it’s the depths of flu season, however, it’s the Vitamin D3 that I’m more interested in – I do not want to get sick, needless to say.

But how do they work and what kind of doses are involved? Well, before we get there here’s a peek at what a “dose” looks like. They’re basically the size of small chocolate covered strawberries, at least the VitD ones are:

good day vitamins - Vitamin D3

According to Good Day Chocolate, a typical dose is anywhere from 2-4 of them, as explained on the side of the boxes.

It’s complicated because each supplement is slightly different while some you will just pee away if you consume too much (sorry if that’s TMI for my more sensitive readers!) others can be unhealthy to exceed a typical day’s dosage:

good day chocolate dosage information

Since we’re talking about Vitamin D, notice that there are 1000 IU per serving. A serving is 4 of the chocolates, and how does 1000 IU of Vitamin D compare to the FDA’s recommended daily intake? Well, according to a chart on the FDA web site, that’s 400 IU. More interesting is the notation included with VitD:

vitamin d recommendation fda

You can see that there are a variety of sources for this particular vitamin, but notice the green lettering: Nutrient of concern for most Americans. That’s interesting! And if 400 IU is the recommended daily allowance, then two of the Vitamin D3 Good Day chocolates are good and even a bit “flashy”.

But where this all comes home is when you actually eat one of these Good Day chocolates, actually, because they taste way better than they should for something that you shouldn’t actually just wolf down. They’re that delicious, whether it’s the Turmeric, Energy or any of the other choices. And who doesn’t like the idea of eating tasty candy-covered chocolate as a way to avoid the flu? Heck, even if that’s completely false, they still taste good. 🙂

Disclosure: Good Day Chocolates sent a couple of samples along for us to try. And try them we have! Also, don’t take medical advice from a Web site or blog. Seriously, isn’t your health more important than that?

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