Surviving College Kids Home for the Summer

colorado state university csuIn a few weeks I will have two college age children return home with the intention of spending the summer under my roof. But living away from home changes your lifestyle, habits and expectations, so I don’t expect to recapture the halcyon days of them being the children they were years ago. Heck, they’ll both have cars and the freedom to jump in the vehicle and drive away on an adventure any time they’d like. Definitely wasn’t a factor back in the day!

More importantly, as young adults, my expectation is that they will contribute and be productive members of the household, not dead weight. It’s possible they’ll lay around on the couch and accomplish nothing, but knowing my kids, that won’t last very long and they’ll be out and about doing things and working or volunteering.

Still, I don’t want chaos nor do I want to share a house with boarders like this is 1910 and I’m running a boarding house. So here’s the agreement I’ve sent them and told them I expect them to sign before they move back into the house:

By choosing to live at Dad’s house during the summer of 2018, here’s exactly what you’re agreeing to for the duration:

Be Respectful
– If you’re going to be home later than 10pm on any night, please let me know.
– Don’t be mean: heading towards a bad mood? Work out or go for a hike!

Be Reliable
– Whether it’s a paid job or volunteer work, make that a priority and gain from the experience and self-discipline.

Be Clean
– Clean up after yourself. This includes the kitchen, sleeping area and our shared living space. Make your bed every morning. Do your laundry. We’re in this together!

Be a Contributor
– You are required to contribute to weekly chores, including vacuuming, dusting, mopping, mowing the front & back yards, cleaning litter boxes, feeding cats, etc.
– Cook. Everyone is expected to cook at least 2-3 meals/week for the family

Be Sociable
– Let’s make this summer really fun with daily all-hands activities. Games, TV, movies, cooking and baking projects, gardening, outdoor activities, road trips!

Participate in Both Households
– Spend quality time with all parents and grandma this summer. Make it a priority.

Now, what do you think, dear reader? Did I forget something? Do ya think they’ll stick with it, at least 80%?

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