Things You Swore You’d Never Do With Your New Car!

So, you’ve got a new car? That’s super exciting – both for you and the kids. The anticipation of getting a new vehicle can be great fun – get the kids involved by guessing what colour you’ve chosen, what it’s going to look like and promising them rides if they behave really well all week!

gauge out of gasThere are loads of things we swear we’ll never do when we get a new car – from being adamant that we’ll never let old food wrappers be found lying about on the seats, to regularly taking it for a wash and polish.

Letting your car be poorly maintained

Do you swear that you’ll always make sure the car is well maintained? If you notice low tyre pressure, warning lights on the dashboard or know that it’s due a service – you swear you’ll get it sorted straight away.

Sometimes life gets in the way though. It’s great to have good intentions and keeping the car well maintained is a good way to avoid more expensive and bigger issues further down the line – so even if the kids are screaming and there’s tonnes on your to do list, try and keep the car healthy!

Letting the rubbish creep in and the mess build up

Visits to the car wash can be great fun with the kids – it’s the perfect rainy day activity and you often wish it lasted longer than it does. Let them watch the soap suds on the windows and giggle as you go through the giant dryer. Think about whether you need the inside cleaned though – if so, make sure you’ve got a backup with what to do with the kids when they’re out of the car.

the mess in the front console car auto

You swear that with the new car, there won’t be any rubbish left behind. No more food wrappers or empty drinks cartons and certainly no crumbs! Easier said than done! It’s hard to avoid when you’ve got kids and you’re travelling about. Try and have a clear out every so often to keep on top of things.

Running out of fuel and forgetting to top up fluids

When the kids are fighting in the back seat and you’re rushing to get them to the next activity, it’s easy to find yourself wondering how on earth you’ll find the time to get fuel and do all the things you’re meant to do – like topping up your windscreen wiper fluid.

Sadly this will eventually lead to a meltdown – probably for you and the kids. The car won’t start or you’ll run out of fluid just when it’s raining and you really need to clean your windscreen. Kids asleep in the back? Try and take advantage of any moment you can to keep fuel levels topped up and give the car all it needs to run well.

Spilling your coffee on the dashboard, and yourself

You finally found a minute to buy yourself that much needed cup of coffee – then you brake suddenly and the coffee ends up all over the front of the car. Hot liquids are messy as well as potentially dangerous.

What about a reusable cup with a closing lid? Keeps your coffee warm, and keeps everything in to avoid spills.

Keep your new car in the best condition you can

Sure, it’s probably at the bottom of your list when it comes to daily priorities but give your new car that little extra love every so often and you’ll see it serve you better.

A clear out whenever you can, avoiding too much sticky food or hot drinks in the backseats and on the dashboard, and keeping it topped up with everything it needs – it all helps.

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