Dorm Accessories for the Cool College Guy…

My son is a freshman in the dorms at Pitzer College, living the Southern California college life. This means he’s trying to figure out how to balance a lot of studying with a lot of socializing, outdoor activities and occasionally even some sleep in the tiny dorm room he shares with another young man. Living in the dorms also means while he has almost zero space for clothes, shoes and accessories, though he’s still interested in upgrading his existing gear. It was perfect timing when both shoe brand DZR and sunglasses manufacturer Sunski asked if he wanted some new accessories for the college life. Of course he did! Here’s how it worked out…

dzr shift pedal urban shoes

Gareth: As soon as I opened the shoe box, my friend looked over my shoulder and generously offered to take them off my hands if, for some reason, I didn’t want them. I, unsurprisingly, said I definitely did want them! They are nice low top shoes that can be used for basically anything outdoors. These “Shift” DZR Urban Cycling Shoes are marketed towards biking but I do not see how they’re different from any pair of shoes in the skate / cycling shoe world. The only factor I noticed was that the pattern on the sole of the shoes is links from a bike chain. Overall, the shoes are comfortable and stylish. I would say that they are worth the $90 dollars, which is not incredibly expensive for stylish shoes these days!

Vendor: The design of our Urban Cycling Shoes is rooted in urban street style, yet they still maintain all performance elements that are non-negotiable for the urban dweller. The Shift has been co-designed among three world-renowned artists, Burrito Breath, Wakako and D Young. Each artist has designed the interior of the shoes in order to compliment the exterior design of the new Shift silhouette.

DZR | Shift Grey Flat Pedal Shoe – $69

sunski yuba sunglasses

Gareth: As soon as I opened the Sunski Yuba sunglasses box I thought to myself “SCORE!” The packaging was very satisfying and the sunglasses themselves are very aesthetically pleasing. They are a little bit small for an adult male face, but I think some people like the aesthetic of having small round sunglasses on their face. Personally, I prefer slightly larger glasses but I still wear these out and about because they are not horribly disproportionate, just a tad small. This could absolutely just be because I have a big head 🤪. The lenses are gorgeous, especially nice that they are polarized! I have received quite a few compliments on the glasses as well. I am impressed with the quality of these glasses, especially considering that they are about $50, which in the world of nice, polarized sunglasses is definitely quite affordable!!!

Vendor: For the frisbee-throwing sunny days, pairing a subtle nose bridge with a timeless rounded square frame, the Yubas flawlessly blend versatility and style for a design that’s flattering on every face. Sunski’s sunglasses also come polarized with a forever guarantee, and to make it even better, a fraction of the sale goes to an environmental non-profit.

Sunski | Yuba – $55

Here he is, sporting both the shoes and sunglasses, poised to head off to class:

boy dorms glasses shoes

Disclosure: DZR and Sunski supplied products to my son in return for this post. Which was darn nice of them. Now about tuition…

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